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  1. Invited! GPA: 89% AA 21 PAT 18 IP anyone interested to practice MMI on UBC campus?
  2. how do you know UofT has received your scores? did you get an email?
  3. Can you give an explanation please? my top school is UBC, I would appreciate it if you could share anything you know
  4. please please please... email CDA and all the institutions you applied this year. Don't sit and think others are going to send an email so it's sufficient and you don't need to email. every email counts. we need to let the schools know how much of a disadvantage we are facing compared to others who wrote the American dat and scored really high marks because of the scaling or wrote in February. CDA does not realize how much this affects our lives and our emotional stability. some students have worked all summer at a minimum wage job to save up and pay for this stupid exam and all the materials they had to purchase to prepare. and all the money they have spent applying to schools just to get rejected bc of this stupid scaling. They don't consider the amount of time and dedication writing these exams take. They can't just ruin our life like that. please please send emails.
  5. I am so disappointed, after studying for months to prepare for this exam this is what I get......do schools look at scales? average 89 PAT 18 AA 21 IP any chance at UBC?
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