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  1. Someone somewhere talked about sleeping in that day - but haha, I personally haven’t been able to sleep in til noon for many years so perhaps not a good strategy.
  2. Opportunities at BC Wildfire services? Might be a variety of job opportunities... https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/wildfire-status/employment-and-contracts/employment
  3. I feel like we’ve run out of things to talk about! Now just the last painful wait
  4. Too bad they don't have more options for payment - is a bit of a barrier (as like others, I do not use those banks)....but that is being rather presumptuous that I will even have that problem lol
  5. This makes sense! I guess they would want to ensure a good pool of rural suitable candidates so seats can be filled appropriately. Sorry @bluewhale - good luck to you! I think I was surprised as this process is not transparently outlined on UBC website.
  6. I just don’t understand the purpose of notifying someone that they are “exclusively” being considered for NMP. Does that mean that if we didn’t get that message that we are not in NMP running? Sad day for me if so. Applicants can submit their preferred sites after interview; what if their first choice was genuinely rural seats at IMP or SMP, not NMP? In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter as I’m sure UBC has the best interests of B.C. residents in mind when they make their final choices.
  7. Are you trolling? There are also rural seats at IMP and SMP so seems odd they would single out NMP...just sayin. This practice you speak of seems odd, although “rural only” interviews have been mentioned in past in another thread.
  8. Would be cool to know, but have never seen these stats. Would also be interesting to know scoring for RRSS as this must play in somehow. Simply filling out this section alone should not be sufficient on its own to warrant filling a rural seat as people’s scores will vary and we don’t know how adcom applies this to admissions. I’m imagining a Venn diagram of people who reach cut off for RRSS in one circle and those who are admissible to program in other circle, considering NAQ/interview/AQ/MCAT etc. I hope I’m in the overlapped bit so much time to speculate and not enough facts!
  9. I will be travelling in a different time zone, so I will find out in the morning as I will be sleeping when the results roll in! Who knows what I will wake up to and hopefully there is cell service!
  10. I have a withdrawal failure (which they consider an F) but they don’t replace it if you retake the course and get a better grade. I know this as I retook another course for a higher grade but they still put the lower grade in the calculations. Thankfully I’ve taken so many courses and have good grades that I guess my gpa isn’t hugely impacted by a few blights!
  11. Appreciate everyone’s company and the countdown in this stressful time!
  12. But we are waiting for the email that precedes the email! It shall reveal the date of the May release
  13. I like to fantasize that if I get accepted, I will leave my job July 31 and have a bit of time off! Otherwise...working forever! This final waiting period is painful!
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