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  1. I studied for about a week (including 3-4 days of practice questions) and am pretty sure it went well (I got interviewed at Ottawa last year) so I wouldn't study for much more than that. I would recommend that you do multiple full-length practice tests before the test (even if it means purchasing some online) as it can really help you get comfortable with the timing of the test.
  2. I wouldn’t worry about it. Last year I had more than half of my verifiers contacted that I knew of. UBC is actually pretty thorough in terms of checking verifiers compared to a lot of other schools.
  3. I wouldn't worry, it's pretty clear the way you wrote it.
  4. I got in last year and my verifiers were contacted literally a few days after I submitted my app. I wouldn't worry about it. I think they have a systematic way of going through the apps so don't read into it too much.
  5. I took a single gap year between 2018-2019 and I started out with some volunteering (soccer coaching, as well as volunteering in a hospital research lab), and after a few months I was fortunate to be hired full-time by the same lab I volunteered for. I really didn't do that much over the year, I just tried to keep myself busy and productive (but I still had a lot of down time). Fortunately I was accepted this cycle so that was the extent of my time away from school.
  6. I believe they use the OMSAS GPA conversion (https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-conversion-table/) to determine what letter grade you get per course to find your yearly averages. Then they just convert it to a WGPA (they outline this somewhere on their website).
  7. I wouldn't risk it. Many schools do actually care about these details and it can look bad.
  8. Only until June 1. The app doesn’t include anything after that date.
  9. It really doesn’t matter how many slots you fill up. The medical schools don’t count how many spots you fill up. I personally filled up around 30 and got 2 Ontario interviews. 28-29 items seems pretty good to me. Just make sure you are including high quality entries and that’s really all you can do.
  10. Just make sure to release the scores ASAP
  11. I would advise that you sit down and really map out all of your ECs that you will include in your app. These don’t need to be super traditional. For me I included some non traditional things like life experiences, challenges, etc. It’s important that you really spend the time to reflect on your experiences and map out your app. After that you will need to spend some time writing your entries to maximize your chances. I personally think you have a great chance to get some attention from med schools in and out of Ontario.
  12. What matters is that you got at least 70% and therefore those courses can be used to meet the requirement. Beyond that the exact grade you got will play into the GPA calculation just like any other course.
  13. I personally only had 1 academic LOR and the other 2 were professional/personal LORs. I would advise that you have at least one writer that knows you well enough to comment on certain personality traits. Just make sure you can cover personal/professional/academic traits through all 3 references.
  14. Just keep yourself busy and involved in the community. If that means doing only one thing then great, but if that’s not possible then doing a few part time activities is also great! Just remember that your apps and interviews/interview prep will take time too.
  15. I think it just gives them a better idea of what you’ve been up to in the last few years and the nature of some of your activities. Just answer honestly and I wouldn’t worry about it.
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