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  1. Honestly I wouldn't judge PBL before you try it. For us at UBC, CBL is a super critical part of the curriculum and is honestly such a great way to focus on clinical judgement as well as review the material you see in lecture (plus you make friends!) Based on what you said, I would choose a place that makes you the happiest and that you are comfortable attending, it seems like Mac may be a good option but you gotta decide for yourself. Good luck!
  2. I'm gonna have to say that a 3.8 GPA is still competitive. That being said, it depends on the school and their admissions criteria/evaluation method. Also lots of schools use a weighted GPA so make sure to do your research before you apply.
  3. I think you should include this in your ABS section if you have space and if you feel like it is really significant. I personally felt that there were personal experiences that were important to me that I wanted to include in my ABS when I applied and I think it gave a better representation of my experiences as a whole.
  4. Based on those stats you got this! Just focus a summer on the MCAT and make sure you're continuing to stay involved in extracurriculars and you should be fine! I had a really similar GPA when I applied through OMSAS and got multiple interviews. I think once your GPA is above a 3.8, other things like ECs and LORs matter more.
  5. I also thought UBC was my worst interview and it was the one school I got into without waitlist so I wouldn’t overthink it
  6. Just remember to be yourself, smile, and have a genuine convo with the interviewer (have fun!) Just don’t forget that you need to approach the prompts from multiple viewpoints to do well
  7. Generally if you survive the first day you are safe but apparently it still is possible to be rejected later in the week. Nobody really knows until you get the email.
  8. Last year the email came out a week before invites (Dec 5th email and invites came out the following week). I wouldn’t expect any emails until December tbh.
  9. I studied for about a week (including 3-4 days of practice questions) and am pretty sure it went well (I got interviewed at Ottawa last year) so I wouldn't study for much more than that. I would recommend that you do multiple full-length practice tests before the test (even if it means purchasing some online) as it can really help you get comfortable with the timing of the test.
  10. I wouldn’t worry about it. Last year I had more than half of my verifiers contacted that I knew of. UBC is actually pretty thorough in terms of checking verifiers compared to a lot of other schools.
  11. I got in last year and my verifiers were contacted literally a few days after I submitted my app. I wouldn't worry about it. I think they have a systematic way of going through the apps so don't read into it too much.
  12. I took a single gap year between 2018-2019 and I started out with some volunteering (soccer coaching, as well as volunteering in a hospital research lab), and after a few months I was fortunate to be hired full-time by the same lab I volunteered for. I really didn't do that much over the year, I just tried to keep myself busy and productive (but I still had a lot of down time). Fortunately I was accepted this cycle so that was the extent of my time away from school.
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