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  1. Not quite! They will just automatically take your interest payments out of your LOC (dangerous...) whereas with RBC you’d have to take the money out yourself, put it in Chequings, then pay it as interest. Either way you’re still paying interest! Scotia just does the work for you.
  2. Agreed... I can't see anything about indefinite fee waivers on any of the links you posted. To follow up though, I chatted with someone else at RBC. Apparently the indefinite VIP account fee waivers only apply if you incorporate with RBC after residency. Always check the fine print...
  3. I just got this summary table from an RBC advisor... it looks like you get the 45,000 if your'e a new client
  4. Jeez it's ridiculous how we all get such different information... clearly it all depends on who you talk to. I think I'm just going to go into both RBC and Scotia and be like "Ok here is what I want. Will you give it to me?"
  5. Ok so I’ve narrowed it down to either Scotia or RBC but now having such a tough time choosing. Both offer over 300k LOC accessible immediately and interest only for at least 2 years post-residency. Both LOCs also convert into professional LOCS after grace period at same rate. That said, here are my pros and cons for both: SCOTIABANK PROS: - two credit cards with total $10k credit and pretty great benefits (lounge access, high scotia point accumulation which can convert to Scene, travel and medical insurance, cancellation coverage, etc) - automatic interest payments from the LOC - apparently up to $600 sign up bonus if you spend enough money in both the cards you get in 60 days (some restrictions apply so not sure this is a big pro) - some sort of benefits with MD financial business advisors? Unsure CONS: - bank and credit account fee waiving stops after residency - lower max LOC: $300k available immediately (probably negotiable) RBC PROS: - indefinite fee waiver on VIP account package which includes a chequing account and credit card (about $360 value per year). Yes, this extends even after residency! - high LOC maximum: $350k available immediately - 15000 RBC point signup bonus (one flight to Calgary essentially) (Edit: I’m seein some people say 45000 but I don’t think that’s applicable to the student LOC account. Definitely ask your advisor) CONS - credit card does not have as many perks - no automatic interest payments from LOC Do you guys have anything to add?
  6. As a long time lurker I’m thrilled to be able to finally post this... Result: Accepted VFMP (1st Choice) Timestamp: 11:56 AM PST Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: ~90% MCAT: 516 (128/130/128/129) Year: 2017 undergrad. Non-Traditional Geography: IP This was my 1st application and 1st interview to any medical school ECs: I was scared this section would be my downfall having completed very little volunteer work during my university and after graduation. I don’t even have any first author publications. That said, I had an excellent employment history (in management and customer service both in and out of the medical field) and still I filled this section up with every tiny thing I could. I talked about my directed study, my musical hobbies, my sport hobbies, even the fact that I like to watch improv shows on weekends! I did this because I think it’s important you show them who you are, to demonstrate your ability to cope with life, regardless how ‘unimportant’ each entry may seem. I also made sure to supply excellent references that knew me well, and wanted to see me succeed. Interview: I had fun with my interview and did not over prepare. I treated each room as a conversation and even managed to make a few interviewers laugh (and cry!). My “break” came as my very last room so I got to just relax for the final 7 minutes which was nice, but also meant I had no break between my 10 rooms. Unexpectedly, I had to declare a conflict of interest afterwards because I knew one of my interviewers; I was unsure how that would affect my chances, but looks like it didn’t hurt me! Anyways, like all of you I doubted myself for months after my interview, overthinking my replies but this was in retrospect a huge waste of energy. My best advice to those applying next year is unusual, but important: don't let yourself take life too seriously. Don't get caught up in defining yourself as a "pre-med." Let yourself grow as a person in other ways during the time you are preparing because if you are not ready for med school when you apply, it will show. Get a good job, build strong relationships with employers, find hobbies, and work hard. But most importantly enjoy your life and have fun. Remember, you have lots of time to succeed.
  7. TIME STAMP: 11:05 AM PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: Regular GPA or AGPA (if applicable): about 91% MCAT: 516 ; 130/128/129/129 Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): BSc APBI 2017 Geography (IP/OOP): IP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): This is my first application to med school ever so I'm really excited to see I'm on the right track! I'm a non trad applicant for sure: transfer student, took a full year for coop, and took another year off after graduation (during which I wrote my MCAT and applied to UBC Med). I added some minor awards from highschool and a few little achievements at UBC. I was worried about my NAQ because I haven't done much volunteering since highschool and have no research publications, but I think my employment history and AQ made up for that. I really emphasized my work history both full and part-time in management, customer service, veterinary, clinical research. I was hesitant to emphasize my hobbies/stress relief activities (music, singing, improv, skiing), and my highschool achievements (student council pres, valedictorian) thinking it might all come across as "filler," but I'm really glad I did! I even mentioned my experiences coming out. It seems to me that this year they're looking for regular people with signs of maturity and compassion that extend even into highschool. I think they are looking for people with demonstrated ability to communicate with others and manage stress. Also, I was VERY direct in my application; I avoided frilly sentences as much as possible and used all the space I could to explain my roles objectively. I think the best take away for me is that you shouldn't leave ANYTHING out of your application, no matter how insignificant or unrelated you think it is.
  8. Me too... it’s so daunting to see all these early birds getting invites and just knowing that you’re gunna hear back in less than 24 hrs. I haven’t heard any regrets being sent out today. I think they all went out yesterday around 515 to 5:30 PM Pacific standard time
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