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  1. I would email the school you got an interview at. Better than them contacting a verifier and automatically throwing your application out.
  2. greytmonkey

    UOttawa Prerequisites?

    As I understand it: 1) The minimum grade of 70% is strict, and if not met in all prerequisites, application is screened unfortunately 2) You can take a mix of those courses as long as you also follow each subject's laboratory requirement (if there is one), but you cannot do all 4 courses from the same subject. So, at max, you can take 3 same subject courses and 1 from another chemistry sub discipline.
  3. greytmonkey

    Application acknowledgment email?

    Don't worry, I haven't received anything either yet
  4. Yes you're right, I did too. I also received a confirmation from UofT today!
  5. I only got a confirmation from Mac, didn't apply to NOSM though.
  6. TIME STAMP: 8:38pm EST Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Early GPA or AGPA (if applicable): 94 MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 519 total Geography (IP/OOP): OOP (3rd year UG) ECs: TA for a year, cardiology clinic volunteering for half a year, exec of a club for 2 years, swimming instructor for a month, competitive swimming up until 9th grade high school, volunteered in a physio clinic for 200 hours, regular volunteering at a conference yearly, some intramural/house league sports, but no research whatsoever. NAQ: 18 AQ: 37 TFR: 55 (values rounded) First time poster, just made an account for this. This forum helped me a lot over the year so I wanted to pay back for people who will look at this thread in the future. Kind of disheartened, especially at my NAQ, but oh well I guess. Definitely did not expect a high NAQ just not this low. I have done a LOT since their June 1 deadline, so hopefully that won't be as much of a problem should I apply again next year. Will just wait for OMSAS now though!