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  1. That’s why I’m moving to Australia for medical school, I’ve had enough of this joke of a process. I’ll take my chances. Some of the stuff you said applies to me and earlier on in my undergrad I did do some academic exploring because I was curious and wanted to discover new things. I never failed anything but my grades in these things were mostly B/B+/A-‘s. I don’t have anything lower than a B on my transcript. The result of this foolish decision? Can’t go to medical school in Canada now.
  2. In all seriousness self care is important. Try not to forget that. If you feel overwhelmed there isn’t any shame in talking to someone. Hope you feel better.
  3. Just a list of things I feel you should know. 1) Caribbean match rates to Canada are notoriously low. Like just don't do it. Your priority in order should be Canadian or US MD, US DO, Ireland/UK/Aus/NZ>>>>>>>Caribbean 2) High scores on the MCCQE does not mean you will match into a primary care residency in Canada. Many IMG's with high scores do not match, even into FM. 3) A high USMLE score (240+) will definitely help you a lot if you want to match to a primary care residency in the USA but again, it is not guaranteed. Better odds in lower desirable areas. 4) Attrition rates of Caribbean schools are high. These are privately owned diploma mills. Infrastructure is poor, living conditions won't be great. 5) If you absolutely insist on going to the Caribbean, go to one of the "big 4" schools. These are Ross, Saba, SGU and AUC. All the others are even sketchier. Some have issues with funding/licensing and it will just be flushing 200k down the toilet. Can you imagine if you go to some little known med school in the Bahamas and halfway through your education the school shuts down? What are you going to do then?
  4. Don't tell me to "come on man." Have you taken a good look through this forum? More specifically the accepted/rejected/interview invite threads? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years that have been invited for an interview and admitted and many of them had lower stats than you. There are a sizeable enough portion with GPA's on the lower end who could only hope to be lucky enough to be granted an interview, and some of them do get in. What you keep doing here is nonsensical. For someone who is supposedly so well rounded and academically inclined, you need to get help.
  5. Ok maybe you'll one day make a thread titled "Admitted to med school but never kissed a guy." Go. Outside.
  6. Probably not a real post. But on the off chance it is: Dude get a hobby and some life experience. Search for a thread titled "admitted to med school but never kissed a girl". Do you want that to be you? Go outside and stop obsessing over something that literally makes no difference.
  7. Bruh..... This is the pinnacle of pre med neuroticism. Go outside and have some fun. Stop thinking about GPA and MCAT for a few hours.
  8. The same way from any other country. Do some clinical rotations in the US, get good letters of reference, and write the USMLE's (and score well).
  9. For what it’s worth I appreciate your no BS approach and calling people out for their clear stupidity and ignorance. OP is the last person who should go to medical school. Viewing getting your MD as an opportunity to open a business and make over 200k. What a sick joke, people like OP are all that is wrong with this pathetic rat race. And before anyone says it, yes I am bitter.
  10. No it won't help in fact it will make everything worse but good luck!
  11. Yes. Do not P/F prerequisites for medical school even if they are non science
  12. All Canadian MD schools are pretty similar but USask is often regarded as the worst if you really want to pay attention to rankings and all that nonsense. And yet it is still 100% no questions asked better than going to Ireland. You can have a decent shot at basically any specialty you want and avoid the entire hassle of being an IMG. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars you would save. I don't even know why this is a question.
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