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  1. This is the best advice. This way at least you have something to fall back on.
  2. I wanna just chime in. Your stats are good but your CARS score is holding you back. If you really want to go international stick to Ireland or Australia. Even though yes you would be considered an IMG in the match, I think you will be worse off if you go to a school that is not well known. I know the match rate for Australia is a bit over 50% too. Personally I would re-write and apply for a few more cycles before considering going overseas.
  3. Could not have said it better. Writing to a local newspaper? Petitioning the office? Nah people. Not going to work. Universities can do what they want. At best, a current legal challenge is in motion regarding residency positions for CSA's. That actually could potentially result in some changes, as there has been a similar instance of that in the past. But if you're mad that you got rejected by a medical school you just can't do anything. Sorry, nobody cares. That's the harsh truth. This is the system we live in. Your better than average stats does not give you precedence over someone else. Being entitled will not help you. You can't brute force your way into medicine. The issue, as with a lot of things, is with government funding for residency spots. More funding= more residency and medical school positions=no unmatched grads==no suicide ideation=happiness.
  4. Sickofitall

    More females than males in medicine?

    I could say the same although then again most of the lawyers I know are corporate and criminal lawyers. Maybe it varies haha.
  5. Sickofitall

    More females than males in medicine?

    Oh definitely, no doubts about that. It's unfortunate but that's reality. Lawyers being better people though? Nah my dude you're pushing your luck lol.
  6. Sickofitall

    More females than males in medicine?

    It is kinda sexist towards men in a way but I'm indifferent. And yes of course scientifically incompetent people should not become doctors. But there are lots of women who do take challenging courses and want to make medical advances too, and are also more empathetic individuals. What I'm saying is that if I see more women getting into medical school than men, I am not going to lose sleep over it. If some guy is making a big song and dance about it, I don't really care either. We're not going to have male rights marches and rally's to protest the " oppressive and discriminatory" medical school admissions practices lmao.
  7. Sickofitall

    More females than males in medicine?

    Just my opinion but I genuinely think women make better physicians than men just because they are naturally higher in empathy which is important in the medical field.
  8. If you have the money for the application fee you might as well take a shot. U of C is known to be more non trad friendly and according to the admissions stats there were a few people with your GPA who were accepted. Just be realistic and don't have really high expectations.
  9. Sickofitall

    GPA for international schools?

    There is absolutely no reason why someone with your stats should even consider going overseas. Your GPA and MCAT are fantastic. International schools are often for people who have applied in Canada multiple times and were rejected or have a GPA that is simply not competitive enough . Don't even consider international options unless you've been rejected after multiple application cycles. Even then, you'd probably be able to get into a USMD program which is better than going to Australia because you're considered equal to Canadian grads in the match.
  10. Sickofitall

    5th year in need of advice

    Masters probably won't help much. US DO and Ireland are basically the same thing as far as carms is concerned. The only thing that US DO is good for is if you actually want to live/practice in the USA as it's much easier to get a residency. Your best 2/last 2 GPA is good and I think your best shot at getting into a Canadian medical program lies with schools that look into that. If you don't get in after a bunch of cycles though and you still really want to be a doctor your best option after that is probably Ireland or Australia. Still it has risks and it's not a decision you should make lightly. Hope things work out for the best for you.
  11. I can't comment on grad school but I would be optimistic about getting an interview invite to at least one of those schools this cycle. Mac is pretty well known for accepting a diverse range of students from backgrounds like psychology and music, and with your cars score I think you have a really good chance if your casper went well.
  12. Sickofitall

    Pathway to Residency in Canada for an IMG

    If anyone who is studying in Australia or knowledgeable about the healthcare system there, could please shed some light on doing residency in Australia it would be greatly appreciated. How challenging is it for a Canadian studying at an Australian school to get into a specialty through the commonwealth internship route?
  13. Sickofitall

    Interview Invites date?

    I appreciate your optimism but I am out of hope. I've also applied to mac and calgary without much luck in the past. My GPA is around 3.7 for mac since they look at all grades. As an OOP in an applicant pool of over 5000 it's probably futile unless I have a CARS in the 131/132 range. For calgary it's barely 3.8 using their weighing formula and that is probably my best chance in Canada but again, I am not an Alberta resident. I've considered moving to another province just to have a slightly better chance at potentially pursuing my dream which is ridiculous now that I think about it. The prospect of being able to definitely attend medical school in Australia, which is on par or arguably better than Canada in terms of healthcare I might add, is very appealing every cycle with these rejections. If you actually do write a post/outline of the risks of going to medical school in other commonwealth nations and how difficult it is to come back I would welcome it.
  14. Sickofitall

    Interview Invites date?

    cheers I'll probably need it, hopefully I will either be able to get a primary care residency (family med or psyc ideally) back in Canada or through the Australian Commonwealth Intern program but who knows. Highly unlikely I'll return home anytime soon based on data from Carms. Canada needs to fix their medical school and residency issues. When students with overall grades in the A- to A range, decent MCAT scores and plenty of good extracurricular activities are rejected for a few cycles straight it really says something is warped with this whole system.
  15. Sickofitall

    Interview Invites date?

    Just checked my email: Regrets. IP, 84% average, 509 MCAT with a 129 CARS. NAQ dropped a significant enough amount to make me wonder wtf happened since I applied with the exact same application as I did last year but with a couple other activities and more hours.. Well that's it guys. I'm tried of this arbitrary rat race. I'm going the Australian route. Good luck to those who get acceptances and for those who didn't, hope you do next cycle. Farewell premed101.