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  1. that's crazy damn. can anyone else confirm this?!
  2. INVITE IP! GPA: 83% AA: 22 PAT: 20 (November 2018) Felt decent about Casper, down to practice at UBC-V!
  3. i emailed admissions and kiran told me they wont be decreasing domestic seats. international seats are additional!
  4. if the trend continues it should be tomorrow (third monday of january)
  5. yup, UofT sent me an email saying all my documents had been received around 2 days after we received the scores from CDA
  6. yup UBC and UofT have both received my scores already
  7. this is them from DAT Crusher which posts them for each year https://datcrusher.ca/statistics/nov-2017-english/
  8. yup usually second week of january. last year it was jan 12th
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