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  1. I'd say you have a chance! As you say, NAQ is super subjective, but by my guesstimation you're ballpark where you need to be. Vulnerable populations in particular isn't required. The relevant part of that snippet is "Beyond their peers, friends, school, and co-workers". Crisis line and rural Chinese elementary students both seem to fit the bill. Definitely worth applying - worst case you get rejected and get your official scores!
  2. The other thing I'd add is that everyone has their own path. You know yourself and your application better than anyone else, so play to your strengths. I really think there are a variety of paths to get into med school, but it's up to you to figure out which one works best for you. Use advice as guidance, not as a template.
  3. I applied three times overall. First time I was off by ~9 (I was using my first app to see how close I was - this isn't the one I was referring to). Second time (The one I was talking about) I was off by around 0.5 points. Third time, I got in!
  4. I didn't mean to imply otherwise! It's an insanely competitive process, and it can absolutely take several applications (it took me 3, for example) before you get in.
  5. Then that should be good! A lot of people get in after being out of school for 1+ years, so I can't see how spending a semester working could be held against you.
  6. As long as you're doing something in the other half a year, it should be fine. If there's just a glaring half year hole where you did nothing, it would probably be viewed unfavourably.
  7. Exactly! There's no better way to see where you're at than to see how UBC ranks your application.
  8. They give you a spiel about it immediately after the interview, so don't panic about it yet. The site preference form comes out between interview and offer IIRC.
  9. I reused most of my application. My NAQ carried one year's application, almost getting me an interview despite a crappy GPA (82ish%). I dragged that up to 87% the next year, so I knew I just needed to keep my NAQ stable to get the interview. I kept doing what I had been - continued volunteer activities, advanced in some (hospital ER volunteer -> ER volunteer Trainer, for example), but kept as much the same on my app as possible. Same wording was used on many, and improved on others. I got in with the next application!
  10. I did that with some of my activities, and it worked perfectly fine!
  11. Result: Accepted VFMP (1st choice!!!) Geography: In province Early or Regular Deadline: Early Timestamp: 11:56 am PST AGPA: ~87% MCAT: 516 (129 CARS, 132 Chem/Phys, 129 Psyc/Soc, 126 Bio/Biochem) Interview: My first station went above average, then I hit two in a row that I completely screwed up. Awkward pauses, saying things I didn't mean etc. Managed to get my feet back under me, and rattled off a string of 7 good to excellent stations afterwards. I didn't use the little notepad at all, and practiced very little (one hour x 3-4 times). I have a lot of experience discussing and debating ethical (and other) issues with friends and family, and I felt like I'd do a better job if I came across as sincere, rather than overly prepared. I actually just had fun on a lot of stations. Year: BSc. 2019 I'm so happy to receive this acceptance. I have so many people in BC that I want to stay near, and I love this province. It was my third round of applications, having applied after 3rd and 4th year to get an idea of where I was at. Missed interview by 7ish points (if memory serves) after 3rd year, and 0.5 points last year. I can't wait to see you all there next year!
  12. Congratulations everyone! I'm happy for all of you! I'll see you in February!
  13. Don't scare yourself until there's some evidence of it! They're probably just sending out interviews over the entire day, with some people getting priority interview choice for some reason. If someone gets a rejection today, you can start panicking, but until then, don't worry too much: No rejections have been sent out since 5:15 on Monday.
  14. Good luck guys! If it makes you feel any better, you're very, very likely to have gotten the interview if you've lasted this long!
  15. Also note that, with the holidays approaching, every day early in the process is valuable, since people tend to fly away to exotic locations over the holidays. As exams are wrapping up, people fly away, and right now is the critical period where exams are starting to finish for some people, but before those 1 to 2 week holidays conflict with Christmas.
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