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  1. Hi everyone, It might be a bit too early to ask, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to get a head start on practicing for the MMI (interview), whether you're applying to medicine or dentistry. I practiced last year with several people and found it to be very helpful. I also had the pleasure of meeting new people with such amazing characters, so I'm quite excited to start practicing again and hope for the best this year. If you're interested, shoot me a pm or just comment below and I'll get in touch with you! Thanks!
  2. This was their reply to my question on how the scores were calculated exactly.. took them a week to get back Oh well. I decided to move on already. Just another disappointing reply. I'm comin at ya in February.
  3. LOLOL. Spoke with my brother today who's currently doing dental anaesthesia in the US (DDS in Canada). Sent him the scale this year and was pretty much complaining to him, hoping he'd give his lil bro some "cheer-up talk"... but the dude was like "This just means all of you did bad this year. Like yeah, cool you scored 98th percentile out of everyone who did relatively poor, but that doesn't necessarily mean you deserve a particular raw score in retrospect of previous scores to the 98th percentile. Are the scores the same, if the average for a test was 80 and highest score was a 95, then next year the similar exam gives the average of 60 and highest score was 75? Assuming they have some kind of a cutoff, everyone this year just under-performed compared to previous years. Just study harder man, you know you're better than that" He managed to call me dumb without actually saying it lol.. Tbh his reply made me laugh and I think I'm just gonna use this to motivate myself for this upcoming Feb DAT. It kinda sounds harsh at first but I know he doesn't mean anything bad. The dude's always been kinda hard on me to make me strive further, There really isn't anything to be done, since I'm sure they'll get complaints from people who wrote their DAT this Feb, or even last year November, if they decided to adjust anything. Bad luck this year, hoping to be better this February.
  4. To be honest, I thought their response was pretty honest in their position. I know some of you are pissed af and that this really impacted you both mentally and physically, but what can we do? There's a very small (if not at all) chance that the CDA will do anything about it. This had happened before back in like 2012 I believe, as I spoke with someone I know and he told me that his friend got screwed over that year due to low scaling like this. It ain't super common, but it's also not uncommon apparently. Yes, at first I was obviously pissed too and almost thought about just giving up. But I know I'm stronger than that, and there's a REASON for why things happen. For now it probably seems like there is no reason and that everything is just CDA's fault, but if they say it's accurate, then I guess it is accurate. I'm not being submissive, I'm just embracing what happened and moving on. This will make you grow as an individual in my opinion, and my resilience will eventually show who I am. I personally believe pouting over these low scores will do no good for me anymore, let alone affecting me negatively. I strongly believe your outlook on this and current disposition will show during interviews. If I stay pissed, I feel like my negativity will eventually pop out and cause some inconvenience to me. If I embrace it, say a big F U to the system and double my efforts to succeed, one day I know I'll get there. I remember this quote from one of my favourite movies, "Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone". We can all push through this together. Don't lose your hope everyone.
  5. OK GUYS, so I received an email back from CDA regarding my inquiry, and this is what they said: "I verified your record and found that you only took the DAT this November 2018. The DAT scores scale is available to only the students that take the DAT. Since you ONLY took the Nov 2018 DAT, where did you find/access this previous DAT scores scale? The score scales are based on several factors including the difficulty of questions, the performance of students that took the exam, etc. The Nov 2018 DAT scores scale that you received is accurate. Just to let you know, each year's distribution and score scales will vary significantly. Sometimes the number scores will correspond to a certain percentile similar to previous years, but this is not always guaranteed. We cannot predict each year's distribution of scores. The scores you have received is based on your performance during the Nov. 2018 DAT exam." .... like ok, that doesn't explain much thanks. I'm also a bit worried now, since they're asking me where I got these scales from.. (there's what's called the internet). Quite frankly, the results were disappointing and I know some of you really needed high scores on this exam. I just decided to move on, and the only way to actually get back at em is to just kill the Feb DAT. I'll show them I'm better than their scoring system. Keep your heads up everyone. Let's just try and stay positive. Sigh.
  6. I think if you sent them your previous years' scores already, they will automatically take the highest set of scores. If not, it wouldn't hurt to ask if they are able to take your previous year's DAT scores rather than this year's.
  7. Yes definitely, which is exactly what I did a few hours ago. Let's see what they say. I was just trying to convey that it's best to stay cool. It won't work in our favour if we all just gang up on them like a bunch of angry pre-dent students.
  8. And I don't think emailing CDA demanding for a change in the scale or being rude to them is the way to go here.... If they decide to alter the scores right now, it would cause an even more uproar among those who wrote it in previous years, since they'd feel like they are now at a disadvantage. I also don't wanna be like blacklisted or something from them... lol
  9. While I am still waiting for a response back from CDA, I took another look at the distribution scale. I know that every year is different (both in terms of how students perform, and the relative difficulty of the exam), so the percentiles will not directly correspond to a specific raw score all the time. So far, it seems that Bio and PAT sections are the ones that are heavily affected by this low scaling, while RC and CHEM are actually higher than the Feb 2018 or Nov 2017 scores.. The only conjecture I can make from this year's distribution, is that majority of us all scored relatively the same within a specific range of scores. If the distribution were to be skewed to the right due to some students doing super well, then I think we would see some scores above 23+. I can see that the distribution is very narrow for both PAT and Bio section, and the number rather decreases sharply near the right tail region of the bell-curve. If we're all clustered around the "average" zone, you'd have to jump a few standard deviations to get a few more marks. I don't know how exactly they calculated the scores this year, but I do feel like people who needed high raw scores on certain sections will feel disadvantaged compared to those who wrote it last year (including myself). I am on the same boat here, but I'm just trying to stay positive and assume the best until someone provides me with evidence that shows there was definitely something wrong here. I know my cousin who wrote his DAT back in 2012 was complaining that his scores were so low compared to his previous year's score, even though his percentiles were way higher. I'll still keep you guys posted of their response. But in the meantime, let's not stress out too much and stay optimistic!!
  10. I was also very disappointed with my "raw" scores as they didn't really reflect how I did on this year's DAT. I don't think schools will look at individual test years' percentiles to standardize each individual DAT section per student. I know I studied hard for it but definitely disappointed with the results. I didn't want to jump to any conclusions yet but I did feel the need to ask CDA by sending them an email regarding how the scales exactly worked, and why there's such a huge discrepancy each year!! I will keep you guys posted of what they say.
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