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  1. Right but it's still more expensive to go to the US than it is to go to AUS. If you can't get into a Canadian school your best alternative is to go to AUS unless you plan on working in the states then the better option is to go to the US. In either case I would try to get into a Canadian school first.
  2. ... except US dental school is almost as expensive as going to AUS if not more
  3. Best to ask the school directly but I'm pretty sure UofT does not have any course load requirements.
  4. toothurty

    UWO vs UofT Opinions

    What kind of vibe did you get at each school during your interview? I'm obviously biased since I go to UofT but here's a response from an old thread (credit @Steins;Gate): I'll speak about U of T and include some things that many people do not consider when they begin their dental education: Pros: - Extremely progressive curriculum. We used to never learn implants in prosthodontics in second year but since these past 2 years, implants are a part of second year. Gone are microbiology and other lab sessions that proved to not be useful and now we get to do a lot more clinical assisting (i.e. real patients) in first year through our Comprehensive Care Program (CCP). ... can attest to this, as students we have a lot of say with respect to class issues (for example we had a bunch of exams rescheduled just because we voted to change the dates to make it more manageable to study) ... in CCP you also start practicing basic hygiene procedures (exploring, perio probing, plaque detection, fluoride) on student partners starting November of 1st year - Smoother transition from undergrad to dental school in first year. First year has had many modifications in order for students to feel acquainted with the workload of dental school. The exam schedule is less stressful than the way Western has their exam schedule. ... Western's exams are concentrated between december-feb whereas UofT has normal midterm/finals - Longer first year summer. First year students have 4 months of summer at U of T, while Western students don't get off until June. You can use this time to do research, shadow, travel, work, etc. This is also the very last 4 month summer of your life, so make good use of it! - Strong patient pool. Toronto and GTA's catchment is larger than London and surrounding regions. - Scholarship. Unsure of how much Western pays (I understand there are bursaries and Schulich scholarships), but U of T automatically gives us a $2,000 scholarship for being in this professional program. - Easy to find shadowing opportunities in surrounding private practices and specialty clinics at the school. Faculty and residents encourage you to shadow and some have a preference for U of T students. - Hospital rotations. You will have the opportunity to rotate through some hospitals including: Mt. Sinai, Sick Kids, Sunnybrook, and CAMH. Each hospital has different types of patients to observe and treat. - Research opportunities are very plentiful. U of T prides itself in being a didactic institution so research opportunities are always available. - No class rank. We have GPA and that is it. If you're unsure of a specialty or not... do not worry that class rank will dictate your fate. Just keep your GPA at a decent level and do not worry about comparing to others like you would at Western with class rank. ... not sure if Western still has class rank - Very few schools (I was told none in Canada) allow you to have such major input to changes at the Faculty like Toronto does. I sit on student leadership that gets the chance to speak to Faculty about issues once per 1-2 months. And some have open door policies so we can always go in and speak with them. I was told this is not the case in many other schools. - And then your typical pros like networking opportunities are more plentiful, Toronto is a bigger city and has more attractions/restaurants/places to visit and shop at, and etc. ... this is the biggest pro in my opinion, I grew up in London and it is so boring compared to Toronto. -one more point, UofT has two major dental fraternities (ZIP and AO) which offer TONS of academic resources, social/networking events, parties etc. throughout the year. Not sure if Western offers this. Cons: - Bigger class size. This isn't really a con IMO because you have a higher chance of finding people you click well with. So you can look at it either as a pro or a con. ... i see this as a big pro, imagine being in a small class and you realize there's not very many people you click well with - too bad you're stuck with them for 4 years lol - Rent is more expensive because you are in the city. ... this is the biggest con - Older facilities but they are being renovated as we speak (the cafeteria, lounge, and grad labs are all renovated). The library and auditorium will be renovated soon then the clinics. ... new library opened just this year - You may not be able to get to do the molar endo like you may at UWO but you still may be able to... it would be the luck of the draw. - It would be nice to have a bigger emphasis on wellness. We are working on this and we hope wellness will play a much larger part of the Faculty in the future. ... still in the works but has gotten slightly better
  5. If you really love London and your family is there then consider staying in London (and if you live at home you'll save a ton of money). In terms of future success you're going to be equally competent whether you go to UofT or UWO. In terms of first year though I can say we get a lot more hands on "experience" at UofT. Like you get to start assisting the 4th years starting first semester, and we have a course called CCP where you practice stuff like exploring and periodontal probing on your lab partner starting first semester. In fact my friends at Western are always commenting about how they wish they got to do that instead of having to retake courses like basic biology. We also start seeing patients first semester of second year doing cleanings and scaling, pretty sure at Western you dont step in clinic until 3rd year (don't quote me on that). Then again in upper years I hear Western students get more clinical exposure since a lot of the complex cases get referred out to the specialty departments here at UofT. The exam schedules are also different. At UofT its like undergrad where you have midterms and finals. At western you have like 12 exams back to back in december and then some more later on. If you're into research UofT is very well known for their research department and theres always a lot of conferences and networking events held here in Toronto. Also, this doesn't really matter that much but in terms of international recognition (i.e. the states) UofT is way more well known than Western but if you plan on staying in London your whole life that won't matter. p.s. I grew up in London too and I thought I loved it until I moved to Toronto haha. Best of luck with your decision!
  6. Haha that's fair but I'd rather the building be old than live in a city with nothing to do outside of school... and this is coming from someone who grew up in London and did their undergrad at Western
  7. Pick UofT .. do you really want to live in London for 4 years? lol
  8. toothurty

    my chances?

    i'm only familiar with ontario schools ... i'd say you have a good shot at western... put a lot of thought into your ABS and personal statement and interview will be make or break
  9. hmm I would say it would all depend on your interview score since UofT doesn't look at EC's ...averages for the class of 2022 were 3.93 GPA and 22 AA 21 PAT. Typically if your GPA is on the lower side you would want higher DAT scores but again depends on the school, applicant pool that year etc. On the other hand you're pretty much guaranteed to get in somewhere in the states lol but that comes with the heavy price tag
  10. Your PAT is fine, I got into UofT with lower .. depends what your GPA is though, you should calculate what it would be with your worst year dropped.
  11. toothurty

    Retake the DAT?

    Just study harder this summer and retake the DAT in November. Having the experience of one DAT already will make things easier. Don't lose hope, lots of people take the DAT multiple times. Your GPA is good so do you really want a weak DAT to be the only thing holding you down?
  12. Yup! At least UofT's deposit is only $2000 I think UBC is like $13000? and still I've heard of people giving that up to go to a different school. I guess when you're dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars of tuition/living expenses over the next 4 years what's a measly $2000
  13. Yeah they gave you 2 weeks to accept last year as well. Waitlist still moved into the early 30's last year albeit verry slowly. Majority of movement happened in August.