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  1. Question about interview attire - for girls interview shoes - are nude pumps ok? thinking of wearing boots and then changing at interview site
  2. I have no idea. But last year, I didn't get the interview and I remember getting a rejection in mid-December or so
  3. I think it could mean you are waitlisted, because we have until Dec 7th to RSVP to the interview!
  4. Have any IMGs received an Ontario FM interview yet? Just curious because I noticed that last year they were sent out Nov 28th!
  5. Anyone know if ALL the IMG family interviews have been sent out yet? I haven't received any interviews from FM programs...is there any hope? :(
  6. Thanks for replying. The anxiety of waiting is killing me!
  7. Hi guys! I was wondering if any IMG's have received interviews for FM from Dalhousie, Saskatchewan or Manitoba programs?
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