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  1. From my understanding, early application has no effect on chance of admissions. If it did, most people would apply early.
  2. TIME STAMP: 11:06AM PSTInterview Invite or Regrets: InviteEarly or Regular Deadline: RegularGPA or AGPA (if applicable): 86.8MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 514 (129, 126, 129, 130)Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): Bachelor'sGeography (IP/OOP): IP 2016-2017: ~1.5-2 points away 2017-2018: ~0.5 points away This year, I added a lot of 'unstructured community involvement' that I hadn't described in my 2 previous (and rejected) applications. Some of these include: Caring for my partner, event planning (for family and friends), Driving people home, and being a dedicated listener for 2 of my close friends. I wanted to illustrate who I am outside of formal institutions and clubs. I wanted to show what I do when I am not 'volunteering'. Feel free to message me <3
  3. As a 3rd-time applicant with 2 pre-interview regrets (by 1.5 points in 2016 and 0.5 in 2017), I am a little scared for tomorrow. I have not received a 'regrets' email yet, and I don't know how I will feel if I actually do get an interview. Yesterday and today involved me looking at my phone every few minutes.. it's obscene. I've been lurking on these forums since 2015 and I want to say thank you to all the brave souls who have shared their experiences with us. To those who have received regrets this year, it's okay to feel frustrated. You are not alone. I've been there twice, many of us have. It's okay to be sad about it for a few hours, or a few days, but please pick yourselves up and keep doing what you are doing - push, push, push. May the odds be ever in our favour for tomorrow <3
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