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  1. Cumulative GPA: 3.8ish Last two years GPA: 3.9ish (UBC does percentages and Im not too confident on my conversion accuracy...) MCAT: 132/130/131/128 (RIP psych feeling okay on the other sections though) = 521 ECs: decent amount of research exp, some posters presentations, minimal awards, generic pre-med activities (hospital stuff), some personal hobbies (dancing). Overall feeling pretty middle of pack considering everything I've read on forums. Geography = OOP Hope that helps!
  2. Just got a call this morning (7am in BC, RIP time zones) asking me to come in for an interview! Blessed My heart sank after the rejection letter but that hope has officially been rekindled! Now to figure out how to prep for this thing with only 10 days of notice...
  3. Hi! Longtime lurker here (been one of them "guests" since 2014)! I finally created this account partly because I wanted to respond to your question with my personal experience Tl;DR is yes its possible. I increased my NAQ from a measly 17 to 24 in one year (2015/16-2016/17 cycles) without any major additions in terms of volunteering activities! I did this by optimizing the way I wrote my application (especially the EC parts) as well as adding in some additional hours over the course of the year (now that I think about it... the variation year-to-year probably contributed as well). IMO, how to write is as important as what to write. Don't give up! It's hard but I think it's definitely possible.