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  1. For U of A they only look at RC, PAT, and MD. So I got total of 74 on those 3 sections.
  2. Interview: 32 A little disappointed with the interview score, but I knew this would be the most difficult part of the application for me. For those who are current students, what would you say my chances of getting accepted are?
  3. Do we need to reach out to U of A ourselves on April 15th to receive the interview scores, or will they email them automatically?
  4. I used Bootcamp, crackthedat and DAT crusher. Personally I found crackthedat to be a waste of money. DATcrusher seemed to be the most accurate representation of the real DAT.
  5. Anyone here applying for U of A? Fortunately the bio scale doesn't hurt us, but the PAT certainly does.
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