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  1. Hey I have a question if anyone knows, When you are on the waitlist, do you need to have your immunization ready for whenever (if) they give you an offer? Or is there time after that to do that?
  2. Bentist

    February 2019 DAT Thoughts

    Also did much better than November!! Except I got a 5 in MDT, which I'm confused about? I thought I did decent. Oh well, meets the min for McGill which is why I did it
  3. Anyone know when the waitlist usually moves a lot? Anyone on the waitlist gotten an acceptance yet? It is unfortunate they aren't giving rankings this year. That at least gives you an idea of what your chances are so you know what to expect.
  4. If anyone has tried calling or emailing, are they giving you your rank?
  5. Does anyone know how many people usually get put on the waitlist? I don't think so because they sent immunization forms to complete in case we get accepted. They wouldn't make ~100 people do that if only ~20-30 will get accepted I don't think
  6. Bentist

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    CDA finally replied to me. They said percentiles between different test sessions cannot be directly compared, and they do not indicate the skill level of test-takers. If the score is supposed to indicate our 'skill level' I find it hard to believe in past tests, HALF of the test writers were more 'skilled' in biology that the very best performers in Nov 2018. Was there a different in test difficulty? Shouldn't be, since dental schools will receive applications with DAT scores from various sessions so they should be comparable. Calibre of writers shouldn't differ much between test writes so I don't buy that we are all less skilled in biology or PAT than past writers in the last few years were.
  7. Based on past years it seems you need at least low 3.9s for UofT as undergrad
  8. Bentist

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Oh ok, thank you!!
  9. Bentist

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Is the formula known publicly for either of them or no?