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  1. maybe.. maybe not... depends on how whoever makes it is feeling that day
  2. Wow big dick sorry I mean dig bick that was very unprofessional of you. Leave this poor kid alone.
  3. Something that allows you to pursue a decent career path if dentistry doesn't work out OR you no longer want to pursue it. You can take the pre-reqs with any degree, and the material you need to know for the DAT will mainly be covered in those pre-reqs as well. In terms of doing well-- depends on you as an individual and where your interests are, as well as program structure (number of electives).
  4. 100K plus for those who go outside of Canada XD
  5. imagine deciding to go to dental school in 2019 lmaooooo
  6. Based on past years it seems you need at least low 3.9s for UofT as undergrad
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