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  1. Hey everyone, im just wondering if anyone is already in an OT program who can speak to what the anatomy portion of the program is like? I don’t have much of an anatomy background so I am hoping to do some studying of the subject so I’m a little more prepared. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what would be important areas to focus on/have a good understanding of going into the program? thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, I am just wondering if there is anyone on here in their second year, or have graduated, that can share some of their experience at either UofT or Western. I was accepted to both schools, (at the Missisuaga campus for UofT), and am a bit worried about the video-lecture format. Wondering if anyone has any input on this, or would know how class structure/focus/fieldworks and placements option would differ between the two schools? Thanks!!
  3. Hey everyone, I got an email saying that I’ve been waitlisted for an interview. Just thought this could be a place to see who else got put in a wait list position, if there’s been any movement in the wait list line, those who were successful in getting an interview etc. I got the email on Monday that I was waitlisted. I feel like there won’t be many positions available for movement in the waitlist, as most people will likely decide to attend their interviews since there aren’t many other schools who would have sent out acceptances/rejections yet. Anyone else have any other ideas on how waitlisted applicants are selected to be given an interview?
  4. I just edited my post as I realized I calculated my GPA incorrectly. OT uses ORPAS GPA, here is the conversion table https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-conversion-table/ .. this video does a great job at explaning everything
  5. Applied + (PT or OT?): OT at UofT, McMaster, Western, Queens Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA:c-gpa: 80% and s-gpa: 3.85Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: -Volunteered at a children's treatment center for children with disabilities, volunteer at the Hospital Elder Life Program where I provide cognitive orientation, physical activity, meal assistance etc. to older patients. 2 years experience doing respite work where I work one-on-one with two girls with Autism focusing on goals, (one child's goal is fine motor skills, other child is social skills). Currently work at Children's Aid Society where I work with children who have behavioural difficulties, some of which have developmental delays, we focus on using evidence-based practice to help these kids reach goals, and integrate a lot of sensory play, skill development etc. -Shadowed an OT in a hospital, and a private practice OT (not many hours doing this, about 7 hours total) -I am pretty confident in my personal statements, but I know many applications will have very strong personal statements and a little worried mine will not stand out! -References from: one professor from my undergrad from my ABA and FASD courses, volunteer coordinator with the Hospital Elder Life Program, and parent who I provide respite relief for. I applied last year as well and did not get accepted (i've since raised my GPA and gotten more OT related experience), so hopeful for better outcomes this time around!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm looking through the "accepted/waitlisted/decline" forum.. I'm wondering how people calculate their GPA's to get numbers like 3.78, 3.72 etc. At my university we are given a gpa as a percentage, and when I use the conversion table to get the ORPAS gpa, it only converts to one decimal (3.7, 3.8, 3.9 etc.). Just wondering if I am missing something, or if those who have the more specific GPAs are given those by their undergrad university. Additional question: at UofT they use the last ten full length courses to count towards your GPA, does this mean that is the SubGPA that is used in your application? and you GPA, is you mark for your entire undergrad grades? Thanks!!
  7. Sorry I should have clarified! Yes i'm applying to Ontario schools! Thanks for the replies
  8. I am in the process of applying for OT. For one of my references I am using the women who I provide respite support for (I look after her daughter who has a disability). I'm wondering,.. on the application, it says 'position' and 'department/company' for the references, what I should put in these sections? Her professional career/position is a computer programmer, but that is not relevant to me and my application. Should i put her actual career, or should i put her position as it applies to me, such as 'private employer' or something along those lines? Thanks!!
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