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    jero123 reacted to Aryanenzo in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Waitlisted Geography: IP
    Early or Regular Deadline: Regular
    Timestamp: 7:58 AM PST 
    aGPA: 85%
    MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 513 (Don't remember the breakdown)
    Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): UG 2015
    ECs: ~35-37 NAQ last year
    Interview: It was way worse than my interview last year (Below average) when I practiced 200-300 hours.
    After 5 years of applying and 3 interviews I managed to get into the waitlist. I'm not really sure how it happened. The interview was a disaster. I had mentally completely moved on from this career path and this is my last application. This was the first cycle where I kinda forgot about results day so the email was a bit of a surprise this morning. I walked out of my interview telling myself this is probably the last time I'll ever walk through these halls. I am surprised, and very grateful and happy I've made it this far.

    Good luck to everyone on the waitlist and to those re-applying next year! Practice hard for the interview!
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    jero123 reacted to Potentiate in May 9/10 Countdown   
    1 ACCEPTANCE!!! 
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    jero123 reacted to acceptmeplease in May 9/10 Countdown   
    accepted VFMP!!!!
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    jero123 reacted to mdpwns1763 in May 9/10 Countdown   
    not surprised at all, 4th time applicant, 75th-100th percentile, 517 mcat. IP. Somehow got a below average interview again even though I felt it went completely different from last time. Probably done applying forever so the dream for me is all but dead. I’ll never wrap my head around how they accept first time applicants over someone who has applied 4 times. Oh well.
    All the best! 
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    jero123 reacted to mdpwns1763 in May 9/10 Countdown   
    Well, tomorrow is potentially my last day of having the dream of being a doctor. With an expiring mcat and a 45% acceptance for in province applicants (assuming maximum seat allocation for out of province), its been a heck of a ride. 
    I hope for good news but I don’t feel confident. I likely have a low TFR as per last few cycles and a 125 cars (but good overall score).
    Wishing everyone all the best on Wednesday! 
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    jero123 reacted to Trunkate in Please help me with CARS   
    I rewrote a 127 CARS and scored 129 the second time around. My strategy was just more practice. In the last week or so leading up to my test date, I was doing 9 passages a day all at once timed as a full length (90 minutes). Definitely build up to this, but I felt it really helped me. Make sure to review everything, right or wrong, to get a better understanding of question logic. I just used **DELETED** and AAMC materials and felt that was enough. Good luck!
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    jero123 reacted to dduk in Interview Invites/Regrets (2019-2020)   
    4x re-applicant here.
    TIME STAMP: December 12, 2019 (11:28pm PT)
    Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite
    Early or Regular Deadline: Regular
    GPA or AGPA (if applicable): 88.72 (OGPA) --> (AQ of 28.46 for last year)
    MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 512 (129/126/128/129) 
    Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): Bachelors of Science (UofT)
    Geography (IP/OOP): IP
    Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Currently volunteering at a hospital, stroke recovery group, and SOBC (started all of them 2 years ago when I moved back to BC from UofT in 2017). I also have multiple part-time jobs. I did some volunteering and started a club at UofT in my last year of undergrad. Not much research experience (no publications or presentations). 
    My NAQ section has always been the weakest part of my application. In my first application, I had an NAQ score of around 10. In my second application, a score of 17. In my third application last year, I managed to get an NAQ score of 24 which put me just above the TFR cutoff, so I interviewed last year but was wait-listed with a below-average interview and was not accepted.
    This year marks my fourth application and honestly, I didn't have high hope of receiving an interview since the NAQ scoring can vary so much year to year and I barely met the TFR cutoff last year. Very grateful for receiving the interview and will work hard to prepare for it.
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    jero123 reacted to Aria in Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2020   
    Result: Refused
    wGPA: 3.68 (BSc in a professional degree so would have got a slight boost)
    MCAT: No
    ECs: MPH, extensive public health work
    Year: Graduated from MPH 3 years ago, working full time, CDC internship in South America, lots of community service, underserved pop oriented activities. Felt ECs were good and written well
    IP/OOP/International: IP
    Letter of EC: No
    Knew my GPA was low but still had hope. But it's ok since I have 2 MD acceptances in USA. These schools all required CASPER so it must not have been too bad since I was accepted. Good luck to everyone! You will make in your own way and in your own time. Don't ever give up if this is what you really want!
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    jero123 reacted to DrNan in Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2020   
    TIME STAMP: opened Minerva at ~ 08h30
    Result: Invite 
    wGPA: 3.94
    MCAT: Didn’t submit
    Year: First year masters
    IP/OOP/International: IP
    Letter of EC: No
    Casper sucked!!!! I found it very challenging!
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    jero123 reacted to lissssssssa in Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2020   
    @jero123 I am so sorry  Later they will send a link where you can request the ranking, they send you the ranking in May/June i believe
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    jero123 reacted to Thistimenextyear in Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2020   
    sorry to hear  you can email them after the interview season and request for your ranking. 
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    jero123 got a reaction from Float.date in Mcgill Interview Invites/regrets 2020   
    Ip and refused  
    I mentally prepared myself all night but still hurts  
    does anyone know where I can get the rankings? 
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    jero123 reacted to Hikki97 in IP status   
    I called them, they said some applications are still in process, but they will reach out to us if they find any problems. So hope everything works out haha
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    jero123 reacted to MDStudenthappy in Please help me with CARS   
    I personally feel anatomy/physiology is more useful in medicine than cars (reading ambiguous passages). I feel it is useless to even have this as a metric to evaluate applicants. Anyways, do NS full length and timed practices (exam crackers 101) to improve your score. I know many people who went from 123 to 129 with practice. It is possible.
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    jero123 reacted to Aang in Second degree   
    Dude, chill. If the OP wants to give another shot at medicine by raising their GPA, let them. This is a much smarter 2 year investment than going abroad for medicine. At the very least, the higher GPA in this second degree may work in their favour for US medical schools. People have different hustles they have to do. OP may not get into a Canadian medical school regardless and go abroad anyways, but that is their choice to make. Everyone has a different hustle to end up at the finish line. Let them do theirs. 
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    jero123 reacted to 1D7 in B on my Transcript   
    Didn't you make a very similar thread last year? lol
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    jero123 reacted to freewheeler in B on my Transcript   
    Let us know what the beaches in the caribbean are like
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    jero123 reacted to Falling in What Proportion Of Applicants To Medical School In Canada Have At Least One Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication? At Least One As First Author?   
    Its basically impossible to get in if you don't have at least 1 paper in a high impact journal like Nature or Cell. 
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    jero123 reacted to rmorelan in First time ve Re-applicant   
    Nope no penalty - they just are tracking some statistics for their own use. No school cares about that sort of thing. 
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    jero123 reacted to Elijah989 in First time ve Re-applicant   
    You should be fine - doesn't make a difference if you are first time or reapplicant, just make sure you have what the admissions committee are looking for and you're good! Good luck!
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    jero123 reacted to Aetherus in First time ve Re-applicant   
    There are several older applicants who are successful every year. The class average age at most schools are between 24-28. In my class, 30% of students had graduate degree’s and 30% of those students had a PHD.
    I wouldn’t be too concerned about age, just apply and see what happens.
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    jero123 reacted to m_jacob_45 in First time ve Re-applicant   
    I don’t think it should make a difference. I applied and got in on my first attempt after completing a 4 year degree + 1 year of work experience. (I applied in the fall following my graduation).
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    jero123 got a reaction from Vivieeeeeee in Is my GPA too low for Western?   
    I think their cut-off of 3.7 is firm for everyone (with or without a grad degree). 
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    jero123 reacted to zxcccxz in OMSAS items   
    How do you guys have 30+ items to put on there? I only have like 12 to be honest, because I went for quality over quantity (each one like 100hours+, with the longest one being 1100 hours. 
    are people including hobbies, gym, sports, personal interests and other things like that to make up the count?
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