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  1. HopefulDDS

    UofT Interview Invites 2019

    how many of those invited to U of T also applied to Western and would accept U of T over Western?
  2. HopefulDDS

    UofT Interview Invites 2019

    Rejected. No surprise
  3. HopefulDDS

    UWO admissions selection process

    Was her best 2 years and RC still competitive because I believe McGill looks at GPA differently and barely looks at the DAT if at all? If competitive, did she have any research or shadowing under her belt?
  4. From my experience: Most American schools require: Intro Bio, Intro Chem, Intro Physics, Orgo, English, Biochem, sometimes micro, sometimes math/calc (not physio or anatomy although "recommended") Ireland: No specific requirements but level of difficulty of degree is a factor. (Cork has a list of concepts they want covered that are covered by prereqs and you have to say which of your courses covered them (courses relevent to bio, chem, orgo, anat, physio, pathology)
  5. HopefulDDS

    UWO requirement

    Are you talking about for your GPA calculation of your best two years? If this is what you're talking about they have a penalization for not having a full course load, but it does not make you ineligible. Perhaps their details of the penalization is vague because it is dealt with on a case by case basis as they told you. BUT to apply: "Applicants must be in the final year of, or have successfully completed, a four-year undergraduate degree program from a recognized university." so you should have at least 3 years/90 credits under your belt before applying.
  6. Also, is this your final GPA? Are you done school or will you be able to boost it for the 2019-2020 application cycle?
  7. Your GPA on a 4.0 scale is what matters (in the US the dental apps the only difference are A+s so if you don't have any it's the same GPA). If you are interested in coming back to Canada your only "real" options are (because they write the same board exams): 1. Canada - ineligible with your GPA 2. USA - some private schools are attainable with your GPA and great DAT and ECs, but do your research on how to finance your degree (upwards of $600,000 CAD). A masters would help 3. Ireland - 3.3 is where it starts getting competitive and doesn't look at DAT 4. Australia - 5 year degree programs seem attainable and your DAT will help. Unsure of 4 year programs. Still expensive, but less than USA 5. New Zealand - no idea
  8. After one cycle of matriculated students after this change, can anyone interpret what this note referred to?
  9. HopefulDDS

    UWO admissions selection process

    What about before the interview? What would cause a seemingly competitive applicant to not get an interview?
  10. HopefulDDS

    UWO admissions selection process

    Can anyone give insight to why western would reject students with GPAs and DAT scores meeting or exceeding the average of matriculating students (ie 89%+ and 21+ respectively)? And no red flags on their ABS like no shadowing, no club involvement, or doing nothing during summers. Trying to assess some less obvious weak points as I know they need to differentiate strong candidates somehow.
  11. HopefulDDS

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    How many of you applied to western this cycle?
  12. HopefulDDS

    UWO admissions selection process

    Can confirm there are matriculated students with an 18 RC. This with the average RC of 21 last year leads me to believe the initial cutoff is likely 18-19 from year to year but it continues to be a factor of evaluation beyond the cutoff.
  13. It depends on where you are applying. Western looks at your best 2 years. There is a hit if you have a reduced course load, but only if the 2 years used are reduced. A 3.87 likely translates to a 88-89% average which is competitive at Western. U of T looks drops your worst year as do many other schools. Do your research of the schools you're interested in.
  14. HopefulDDS

    UWO admissions selection process

    Anyone know if RC is used for more than just a cutoff? For example, if 20 is the cutoff are students with 20 and 24 thought of as equal (if somehow their AA is the same) or is it advantageous to have a really high RC?
  15. HopefulDDS

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Ah I see my bad. I see your comparison. I'm speaking more to the amount of people getting solid chem scores (20-22) in Nov 2018 compared (30.93%) to the last test (19.03%). That's a pretty big up tick (especially in the 22's) Making me think that some scores may have been tweaked.