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  1. I'm in Toronto selling everything from my Princeton Review prep all together for $150 or best offer. Includes: -Cracking the DAT textbook (contains entire content of the DAT) -DAT Workbook (no answers filled out) -CDA DAT Preparation Manual -Unused Full Practice Exam -DAT Fundamentals In-Class Supplement (filled out) PM me if interested.
  2. HopefulDDS

    February 2019 DAT Thoughts

    More than just 1 or 2, but you're right in that schools that do not accept the Canadian DAT are mostly state schools thus heavily favour against out of state applicants let alone Canadian applicants so they are not worth applying to. In my opinion, writing the American DAT doesn't give you a significant advantage in broadening your pool of schools you would be applying to. Again, in my opinion the only reason to write the American DAT is the advantages of the test itself or if the typical "Canadian Friendly" schools are not options for you (eg. NYU, Rutgers, BU, Tufts, etc.). About the American DAT: - It is offered all year round which is great for studying schedules -There is 10 more minutes for RC still with 50 questions -From anecdotal evidence it seems to have "easier" questions (but that is up for debate) -The main caveat is there are two additional sections: Organic Chemistry and Quantitative Reasoning -It is also administered by computer (with a whiteboard for rough work) rather than on paper which comes down to personal preference
  3. HopefulDDS

    UWO best two years ~80%

    The grade range is actually quite large at UWO going as low as 83. I think this person is referring to the hard cutoff of 80 to even apply. To that I am unsure, I would try emailing UWO directly. But it is important to recognize an 80 historically is not enough to get an interview (lowest has been 83 in recent years) even if your application is considered.
  4. I feel like this needs some background because this is certainly not the norm.
  5. @Jep Zer @hellothere123 They did LWL at least. I got the "In recent years, applicants in your position on the Wait List have not received an offer of admission." In response to my email This was sent to everyone I think: "It was, however, recommended that your name be placed on a ranked waiting list. Should any of the selected candidates decline the seat we have offered them, replacements will be selected from applicants on the waiting list"
  6. Waitlisted GPA: 91% AA/PAT/RC: 20/22/20 ECs: Strong imo Interview: Good not great imo IP
  7. It depends which schools you're specifically looking at
  8. HopefulDDS

    Is shadowing important?

    I personally shadowed with the intent of putting in on my application, but ultimately found it to be incredibly valuable. I shadowed several dentists and having each unique experience highlighted different approaches to practicing dentistry and how much you can customize your career. It's also not just about watching dentists do procedures. It's about finding the dentists that are willing to be resources and provide insight to what a career in dentistry is like and what it takes to be a good dentist. If you can find a dentist that is willing to have you shadow and truly engage with you, then you have found an incredible resource and mentor.
  9. HopefulDDS

    Western's Strengths and Weaknesses

    Can you elaborate on why? Coming from a schulich dental student, I'd like to hear why you endorse other schools and not western.
  10. HopefulDDS

    Retake the DAT?

    It's possible to get into US schools with these DAT scores. If you're not a US citizen aim for private schools that are Canadian friendly and research each schools stats. But it's also possible to get into Western
  11. HopefulDDS

    UWO Invites/Regrets 2019

    Are we expected to show up at 8:45 regardless of interview time or do we just show up 30 minutes prior to our interview?
  12. Like @DentalExplorer said Ireland doesn't look at the DAT. I would say I had good ECs: a lot of shadowing, working in a dental practice, wet lab research, leadership in clubs, and TA positions
  13. For the 4 year Cork program they required a fairly extensive prerequisite "topic" sheet in which you declared which courses taught those topics. I was able to attribute a course to every topic, but I don't know how heavily that was looked at.
  14. HopefulDDS

    Western's Strengths and Weaknesses

    This may not be a helpful comment, but it truly seems like across the board US clinical experience is pretty great. From general anecdotal evidence I've read, you can't go wrong. If you want to narrow it down a bit solely based on clinical, perhaps urban vs rural campuses are better to get a bigger patient pool. I'm sure others have done more research on specific schools and what they let their students are exposed to.