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  1. do people normally send in thank you notes/emails after their interview in Canada like they do in the states?
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply! No, I'm not from Manitoba.. from Ontario and i did get the ontario FM invite, but more the invites, higher chances of matching haha. But you're right. I should focus on ones I have! Ohh, sorry to hear about Dal. Good luck with carms though!
  3. Can anyone confirm if the manitoba fm invites came out for both cmgs and imgs?
  4. *sigh* ive heard Manitoba fm is out
  5. jigglypuff

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    Want to know the same thing! But i think its for both cmgs and imgs. Because the emails started around noon and its a friday... im assuming they wouldve sent out invites for everyone
  6. Still nothing from manitoba fm eh?
  7. I believe invites for Sask (Prince Albert) and Dalhousie are out for IMGs - not sure though! Read on another forum.. Havent heard from manitoba yet!
  8. UBC FM invites out today!
  9. jigglypuff

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    any tips on preparing for the UBC FM MMI? the UBC carms description has so little information about the mmi!