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  1. Oh okay, yeah I get what you mean. But I think the reason why its not stated on carms yet is because the 2019 cycle is still going on.. they'll probably update it in a few months. The thing I was talking about was regarding Ontario FM.. got this from carms.ca under uoft FM img stream. "As MCCEE will be phased out, the following examination results will be required for the 2 subsequent admission cycles: 2020 CaRMS cycle: (1) NAC and (2) MCCEE [results from 2016 or 2017 or 2018] OR (1) NAC and (2) MCCQE1 [results from 2019] 2021 CaRMS cycle: (1) NAC and (2) MCCQE1 [results from 2019 or 2020])"
  2. Yeah, the mccqe1 and nac scores will be used for the 2020 cycle. For ontario FM, I believe mccee scores can still be used.. I remember reading something like that. Check the carms website though, they keep changing things.
  3. Haha maybe that's what I should do.. re-watch The Office.. it helped my anxiety for almost 2 seconds
  4. I really don't get why we have a 2-week window between submitting the ROL and finding out the match results. Pure torture.
  5. do people normally send in thank you notes/emails after their interview in Canada like they do in the states?
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply! No, I'm not from Manitoba.. from Ontario and i did get the ontario FM invite, but more the invites, higher chances of matching haha. But you're right. I should focus on ones I have! Ohh, sorry to hear about Dal. Good luck with carms though!
  7. Can anyone confirm if the manitoba fm invites came out for both cmgs and imgs?
  8. Want to know the same thing! But i think its for both cmgs and imgs. Because the emails started around noon and its a friday... im assuming they wouldve sent out invites for everyone
  9. I believe invites for Sask (Prince Albert) and Dalhousie are out for IMGs - not sure though! Read on another forum.. Havent heard from manitoba yet!
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