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  1. I think some would even say a CBSE > 75-80 is necessary these days with the competition for Canadians...but i think for other specialities, the ADAT can help balance out GPAs to an extent.
  2. Salaries are varied in every single profession. I know a physician assistant in the US making 200k net, a physiotherapist making 250k net owning their clinics. Sure there are optometrists making 250k net (even more) but that's not going to be the vast majority. And even if you do make that much, it's no walk in the park. Running a business is tough, and there are unforeseen challenges along the way that impact your bottom line. In the end, you got to enjoy what you do. If family med is what you like and see yourself doing through good and bad days, go for it. If it's optometry, stick with it. Money will come in all these professions, and if you put your mind to it, you can make a lot of money through clinic ownership. Focus on your interests first OP but definitely attend the interview!
  3. Why? If you study here, then long-term, you're still way better off than the average person. Even with a 250-300 K loan, you'll be pulling 6 figures and have a prestigious degree. Sure, there is more stress involved than normal jobs but it is still a great career with great pay. I wouldn't advise going abroad (Caribbean) and doing med to practice in Canada though...there are def better alternatives.
  4. Compton

    How much will I really make?

    Personally, I'd say expect to make what you put in. Let's face it, the GTA is saturated for almost every profession. But, if you have the desire to make big money, you'll be able too given the right work schedule and procedures. Ownership is the way to go if you want a bigger cut and salaries closer to 7 figures but be aware of the challenges (such as insurance reimbursement, higher cost of living and wages for staff, etc.). I've been part owner at two practices in the GTA for the last few years and its been stressful. The minimum wage increase really hurt our bottom line this year and we've had an increase in practices opening up around us. Now, there are 3 practices in our plaza, with another plaza being built across from us with another 3 planning to open there. I can also see the impacts of ITDs flooding the market, and its really increasing competition for associateships. But, at the end of the day I'm happy making substantially more than the average Canadian. I'm still paying off student loans, my practice loans and I have a mortgage. But it doesn't give me sleepless nights, although I can see how others would be worried. Ownership isn't for everyone and the risk/reward isn't really what I expected while in dental school so be realistic about your goals. A few classmates of mine thought they could make 300k+ within 5 years by opening up practices outside the GTA. Wasn't as easy as they thought and are stuck with practices that aren't getting patients and they have a large loan accruing interest. As an associate you don't deal with that type of stress so like cleanup mentioned, you'll be able to pay bills, live a really good life and have some luxuries so don't be worried OP. Also, seeing that cleanup has mentioned family med being great in the GTA, I have a friend who went to the states for the physician assistant program. He ended up staying there, opened up a few private practices and makes close to what I make here (accounting for the exchange rate). He only had two years of schooling and almost no student loans compared to me. If you want to make money, you'll make it in other fields in healthcare too, dentistry isn't everything folks!