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  1. Does not look promising. Another exception year but this time really tough for IP-waitlisted.
  2. You are right.... we are trying to correlate to historical data that has no significance since sample is way too small for us to draw any conclusion!
  3. Could this year’s IP movement be affected by a large number of deferred applicants from last year? This possibility could explain both high IP waitlist last year and current slow movement.
  4. Hopes are up for two more weeks...then toward end of August I guess
  5. OOP WL also include international candidates, not sure if that was the case all past years, but this could explain the fast movement.
  6. Last year WL moved to at least #11 by April 10th which is two weeks later since results for med/dent were both out on March 26th. We should not expect same movement since what happened that year seems to be exceptional. All other years that ended up with ~11 waitlisted candidates getting in by end of August had similar movement to this year.
  7. Is dentistry stats out? If not does it usually take that long to release?
  8. I think IP slow movement is normal since quebec universities results are not yet out, what do you think? Also the fact that OP is moving means that both website and offers are up-to-date.
  9. Totally agree with you and I previously commented something along those lines, time to move on and focus on what can be done rather than analyzing what can’t be! Good luck everyone and enjoy the holidays season!
  10. Exactly! We never know, same for bio and PAT, we never know... and until we get clarification from CDA it remains an issue to be resolved with CDA (if there is any). Assuming things and asking a third party to take care of it by loweing their requirement to pass everyone in order to meet our failing grade is not ideal... but if the logic is “it’s good to try” and “we have nothing to lose” then I am not going to argue against that!
  11. We never know why CDA had decided to lower MDT min non-zero score to 5 (as opposed to 6 last session), we also don’t know if Mcgill have decided their cutoff based on an updated internal info concering a new scale to be implemented by CDA. Having discrete scores system with many zeros in between tells that there is a science behind it.
  12. Lowering Mcgill threshold of MDT from 6 to 5 means invalidating the whole test since the lowest grade obtained by students this session was 5, meaning cancellation of MDT requirement not simply changing it!
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