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  1. Would you say that of those 26 who went unmatched, most are seeking English matches in other provinces like Ontario or BC? For programs other than FM I suppose?
  2. I noticed that both these schools had extremely high numbers of graduates who did not match in the first iteration (especially if you take the % from the total graduates of the school). Do these numbers reflect an issue with their medical school or is there some sort of alternate explanation?
  3. I assumed we would have to send the transcripts once all our course grades have been received (i.e. if you still have exams left right now)?
  4. According to their interim statistics, each applicant category had many less candidates invited for interviews as compared to last year (less applicants, however, the proportions do not scale equally between last year and this year). I was wondering if anybody had any idea why? Is the class size reduced this cycle? Link: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/after-youve-applied/currentapplicantstats
  5. Does anyone know if we are given a clipboard to take notes during McGill's MMIs?
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