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  1. Salut! Combien d'autres personnes du contingent de la N-É ont faites une demande d'admission en médecine à l'U de S?
  2. Refused OOP Doesn’t give a reason for the refusal though
  3. Nothing yet! It looks like the MD applicants are starting to hear back
  4. Is Minerva updated in alphabetical order or is it random?
  5. MDCM interview invites are delayed until Jan. 28th. Does anyone know if this applies to DMD as well?
  6. *keeps refreshing Minerva instead of focusing on school work*
  7. Mine said outstanding for the longest time as well, but I checked today and my DAT scores are now marked as received and my application is ready for review Hope this helps!
  8. Hi everyone I checked Minerva today and my application status now says 'Ready for Review'. Does anyone know when interview invitations are supposed to be sent out? Thanks
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