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  1. school interviewing at: University of Toronto specialty: Radiology current interview date: Jan 21 date would like to switch to: Jan 22 any additional notes: I have a scheduling conflict on Jan 21. If anyone has an interview on Jan 22 and is able to switch to Jan 21 please send me a PM. would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi all I am starting this thread for posting interview date trade requests (any school or specialty). I think having a single thread for this might make trade requests easier to search for. Please post as per format below: school interviewing at: specialty: current interview date: date would like to switch to: any additional notes:
  3. I am hoping to switch my University of Toronto radiology interview date from Jan. 21 to the 22nd, to avoid a scheduling conflict. If there is anyone with an interview on the 22nd who is able to switch I would really appreciate it!
  4. Wondering if anyone with a radiology interview at UofT on the 22nd would be able to switch to the 21st? I am looking to switch to the 22nd to avoid a scheduling conflict. Would be much appreciated!
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