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  1. Anyone who is doing western in the afternoon on the 23rd who can switch to morning? In a bind
  2. Would anyone with Ottawa on the 22 in the morning be willing to switch to the afternoon? Would be forever grateful
  3. Western Jan 23 in pm anyone willing to switch who is on Jan 24 am?
  4. Ubc and Manitoba both Jan 17 Anyone have either on the 18th and willing to switch?
  5. I have Alberta Jan 16, anyone on the 14th willing to switch?
  6. Western I have Jan 23 if you want ubc Vancouver I have Jan 17
  7. I have the 17th if you want! Can we switch between Vancouver and Victoria stream
  8. I am in the same boat: Calgary Jan 16 looking for any other date Edmonton Jan 16 looking for 14 or 17 UBC Jan 17 looking for 16 Winnipeg Jan 17 - looking for 18 Toronto 15 - looking for any other date for second week!
  9. Anyone looking for switches for pediatrics interviews: U of A on Jan 16 - looking for Jan 14 or 17 Calgary on Jan 16 - looking for Jan 18 or 17 Winnipeg Jan 17 - Looking for Jan 18 UBC Jan 17 - looking for Jan 16 or 18 Toronto Jan 15 - looking for second week
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