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  1. does anyone know the number of people u of a invites for interviews?
  2. Hey @CARsandCoffee, last year I switched with another student. I have one on the 15th but would like a better time slot. If you're interested in switching, pls PM me.
  3. Not sure if others have heard back yet about this group (I haven't) - so if anyone wants to practice, please PM me and maybe we can start in the meantime?
  4. Does anyone have any advice on how they picked their references for the 3 categories? Particularly, I'm wondering about the commitment to communities/advocacy reference....I have asked a volunteer supervisor in the past to write this reference for me. However, I'm thinking of maybe switching it to my employer as I work in a clinical setting seeing patients every day? Not sure which is better so would appreciate any advice.
  5. You don't necc. need to do prereqs to apply to u of c med. but you do need to write the mcat which is very science heavy.
  6. Was checking my scores this year after not being accepted and in certain sections, I've lost significant points since my first application. I changed my Top 10 very minimally in my opinion - merged 2 together and added another experience. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? If so, any advice on how to improve for this year would be appreciated. I'm scared my pre-mmi mark is just gonna get lower
  7. Any insight on whether on not I should still apply to USMD schools for this cycle? I'm Canadian and hoping to go back to Canada for residency, so don't want to apply to USDO schools. I have gotten interview invites in province in the past 2 cycles but want to broaden to the US this year to hopefully increase my options/chances. I forgot that US schools start the application process in June, and for most of June I was hoping to come off the waitlist for a Canadian school. Should I still apply to US schools? I haven't really started my application so I think I'd probably end up applying by the end of the month?
  8. has anyone ever heard of someone getting the too low on the waitlist e-mail and being offered? know its probably not the case but curious
  9. oh i thought the deadline was the 24th -so we would have heard by now, but maybe it takes longer
  10. has anyone IP been offered a position off the waitlist
  11. does anyone know if waitlist offers usually come out on the same day as the deadline to accept? or a few days after?
  12. If anyone's interested in being part of a group so we have more people to practise with, please message me
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