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  1. What do you guys do to eat healthy in med school?Any ideas?
  2. exactly.. beneficience, nonmaleficience, autonomy, justice. A lot of people interviewing you will not understand what you are talking about if you start talking about non-maleficience... Your interviewer will just think you are awkward and can't speak normally.
  3. There is a backlash against using them because a lot of the MMI prep companies charge students money to teach them poor strategies ( such as the above mentioned strategy)... absolute rip off... This strategy erase the personality of the candidate because they just have to follow whatever script they are told to follow. It is worrisome to me that these companies try to convince applicants that there is some formulaic way of approaching an MMI station that will maximize success. There is NOT!!
  4. I'd advise you against using them explicitly, unless it is a clear medical ethics situation. I interviewed twice, the first year I stated the medical ethics and the ethical problem, and was rejected ( due to poor advice I got from MMI prep company). In my second trial, I did not do that and was accepted at several schools. I'm only telling you what worked for me, but it may not necessarily work for you. Be careful about who you take advice from . You never know why someone was accepted into medical school. For instance, a person maybe in medical school because they have a Phd, or they have perfect GPA, or they have 7 publications ( and not necessarily because of their MMI performance).
  5. Finances is definitely something we will take into account. I don't think 250K is common after 6 years of practice in optometry. We have family members who have been practicing optometry for 20+ years, and none of them are making 250K.
  6. My fiancee has been trying to get into med school for the last 3 years, and she has already finished 3 years of her optometry degree at Waterloo. She just received a med school interview at U of A ( it's her first med school interview in 3 years) but she is now wondering if it would be worth it to switch to medicine ( if she gets accepted) , she feels that it is a huge opportunity cost although she still likes medicine more than optometry. She also feels that she is not getting younger, and both optometry and medicine are careers in healthcare and there is not much difference. She is considering declining her interview invitation, but my question is: If she gets into medicine: are there any advantages of switching into medicine from optometry? Or is it not worth it at this point?
  7. Which medical schools in Canada offer pre-clerckship electives?
  8. When do students write QEI and do scores matter for Carms?
  9. I really enjoy designing things and I would like to be in a creative specialty. I was wondering which specialties in medicine allow for creativity?
  10. Given that radiology is becoming less competitive, would it be a good idea to have radiology as a backup or it may be the case that it will become competitive again?
  11. I meant 99% of people are well suited, qualified and are hard-working. I have met individuals who are always late or do not show up, but for most part, I think most of CMG are well qualified students.
  12. Why would no program would want to accept them? Can you give examples? Most people I meet are well suited, qualified and are hard-working.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm a first year med student at McMaster, and I'm quite interested in pursuing plastic surgery residency. I was wondering what can be done to improve my chances of matching into plastics? I don't have any graduate degrees, nor any research publications as of yet. I'm currently working on two research publications ( that will be published next year) in the area of palliative medicine and global health. I'm starting on a research project in plastic surgery, but I was wondering if I should pursue graduate degree in a topic related to plastics to improve my chances of matching. What should I do to improve my chances of matching into plastic surgery? Thank you
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