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  1. Isn't that the medical school scale though? Shouldn't there be a scale for dental schools or do they follow the same one?
  2. TheGreatPiper

    Importance of DAT for UofT?

    I think you'll honestly be fine, no need to rewrite.
  3. TheGreatPiper

    GPR info

    Is there a benefit to doing one?
  4. TheGreatPiper

    February 2019 DAT Thoughts

    Hmm that's not entirely true. Canadian DAT scores are accepted by almost every American Dental School except 1 or 2, and those ones rarely accept Canadians.
  5. TheGreatPiper

    February 2019 DAT Thoughts

    Couldn’t be happier, almost broke into tears when I saw my scores RC: 22 Biol: 29 Chem: 25 PAT: 25 AA: 27 I was going through a lot before new years (depression and ptsd) and was at rock bottom with almost dropping out of school. Somehow found the motivation to keep going and I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out. If anyones in my position, get help and take care of yourself first. It’s amazing how much you can overcome if you put your mind to it. I used mainly DATCrusher, and a little bit of DATBootcamp and CracktheDAT for extra questions. Out of those three, the real DAT was closest to DATCrusher. Also don't waste your time and money taking the Kaplan course like I did, it was not that helpful. The most important thing for me was finding motivation and being consistent. If you can do that for 2-3 months you should be do well.
  6. TheGreatPiper

    Caution about DATbootcamp

    Why are you lying and trying to defend Bootcamp? I saw that page when the OP first made this thread and they never mentioned anything about reading comprehension being different and they still have not even bothered including how the Canadian DAT biology has different topics. @TrueChen Have you tried contacting the CDA and inquiring about this issue?
  7. Does anyone know when are February DAT scores released to us?
  8. TheGreatPiper

    Caution about DATbootcamp

    Well said but I can still see how Bootcamp is misleading. @TrueChen I'm sorry to hear what happened but why didn't you just use a Canadian Resource like DATCrusher? If you had done that you would have been better prepared.
  9. TheGreatPiper

    February 2019 DAT Thoughts

    I didn’t know what to expect going in but I’m glad its finally over. Biology: Was pretty straightforward with 2-3 questions I had to mark. I spent most of my time doubting my answers which I wish I didn’t looking back at how straight forward it was. Also anyone know the answer to that animal segmentation question? Chemistry: It was very similar to DATCusher questions so there weren’t any surprises. The only question that I wasn’t sure about what the isotope one. Somehow I finished in 20 minutes with plenty of time to double check my answers. PAT: There were also a few Keyhole and TFE questions that gave me trouble but the rest were fine. Overall, I thought it was much harder than DATBootcamp but slightly easier than the DATCrusher. Reading: That last passage really tripped me out. Somehow I barely managed to finish just on time but I had to guess on a few questions. On a side note: I swear the guy next to me was having a panic attack at one point, I'm pretty sure he was tripping from the last passage lol. Overall: Looking back at the whole exam, it was a lot easier than I thought. I used DATCrusher, DATBootcamp, and CracktheDAT to prepare. Out of those three, the real DAT was closest to DATCrusher. Hopefully, this is it and I never have to prepare for the DAT again.
  10. TheGreatPiper

    What to do 2 weeks before DAT

    Didn't know that, great thanks for the heads up. Do you know where can I get one? And can it be digital?
  11. The DAT is 2 weeks away and i'm not sure what should I be focussing on. I've already reviewed all of the biology and chemistry chapters and I was planning on focussing the next 2 weeks on content review and finish reviewing the DATCrusher practice tests. But is there anything else I should be doing? Thank-you in advance
  12. TheGreatPiper

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Anyone know how long it takes to study for the DAT? And is it doable while taking a few classes during the winter semester?
  13. Hey i'm a 3rd year at UofT and the my cGPA is 3.87 with a full-course load every semester up til this point. I've been going through depression recently with everything going on in my life and have been going to a psychiatrist regularly for the last few months. I was even thinking of taking a leave of absence but I settled for just taking a lighter course load next semester (2-3 classes). But I don't know if this is going to bite me in the end when I apply to dental schools. I'm half tarn and I really want to do dentistry more than anything else. Any thoughts?