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  1. I had the same experience haha. Who was the prof you took it with?
  2. I wrote both the DAT and MCAT earlier this year and did pretty well (27AA on the Feb DAT and 518 on the MCAT). There's a ton of overlap of material so the DAT takes less time to prepare for but it can throw anything at you so you have to know a bit of everything. Transitioning to the DAT isn't that bad since everything should be pretty fresh if you just took the MCAT. For resources I personally mainly used DATCrusher and Chad's videos. You can also use DATDestroyer if you have time but it might be an overkill. If you're preparing for the PAT, the best thing to do is print and practice it on paper (DATCrusher lets you do this). You can also practice using the CDA manual since it comes with a full length practice exam but it's easier than the real exam.
  3. If you use DATCrusher and Chad's videos you should be fine. You can also use DATDestroyer but I think that might even an overkill lol. Biology is more memorization and the real exam can throw anything at you. So try to know as much as you can using multiple study notes.
  4. The actual exam is harder than bootcamp's generators. The only part bootcamp was useful for was the Biology notes which are free. So if you already purchased it, try to get a refund since it's not worth spending $700 for just 1 section.
  5. Isn't that the medical school scale though? Shouldn't there be a scale for dental schools or do they follow the same one?
  6. I think you'll honestly be fine, no need to rewrite.
  7. Hmm that's not entirely true. Canadian DAT scores are accepted by almost every American Dental School except 1 or 2, and those ones rarely accept Canadians.
  8. Couldn’t be happier, almost broke into tears when I saw my scores RC: 22 Biol: 29 Chem: 25 PAT: 25 AA: 27 I was going through a lot before new years (depression and ptsd) and was at rock bottom with almost dropping out of school. Somehow found the motivation to keep going and I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out. If anyones in my position, get help and take care of yourself first. It’s amazing how much you can overcome if you put your mind to it. I used mainly DATCrusher, and a little bit of DATBootcamp and CracktheDAT for extra questions. Out of those three, the real DAT was closest to DATCrusher. Also don't waste your time and money taking the Kaplan course like I did, it was not that helpful. The most important thing for me was finding motivation and being consistent. If you can do that for 2-3 months you should be do well.
  9. Why are you lying and trying to defend Bootcamp? I saw that page when the OP first made this thread and they never mentioned anything about reading comprehension being different and they still have not even bothered including how the Canadian DAT biology has different topics. @TrueChen Have you tried contacting the CDA and inquiring about this issue?
  10. Does anyone know when are February DAT scores released to us?
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