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  1. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requires the University of Manitoba to obtain your consent prior to releasing your personal information to third parties. Do you want to provide consent for the University of Manitoba to share your personal information related to your application with any other third party? Does it matter if I say Yes or No here? Not sure what this means. What third parties would they be releasing my information to?
  2. This is correct- thanks for clarifying. I'm mostly disappointed with the decision because a student who took 120 credits and graduated last year will have their 30 lowest credits dropped and their (probably high) fourth term of fourth year included, while a student who took 120 credits and graduated this year will have their (probably high) fourth term of fourth year dropped and instead replaced with 15 credits from their worst year. I'm grateful that UBC does the grade adjustment and I do understand the need to drop Winter 2020 but I think the way they have decided to alter the adjustment this year puts many students who are graduating this year at a disadvantage compared to students who weren't in school this year. I think the way other schools who decided to drop Winter 2020 went about altering GPA calculations evades this problem (i.e. Queens and Western using 1.5 years and Calgary using 2.5 years). Just thought I'd email them my thoughts on it because the decision to change AGPA requirements doesn't make a lot of sense to me but ultimately it's not the end of the world and I do appreciate the accommodations schools across Canada are making in light of the current situation. It's been a crazy stressful year and application season just adds to it- hope everyone is holding up ok!!!!!
  3. Wrote an email to admissions outlining how I feel about the decision. Feel free to use as a template if you feel the same way and want to speak up about it! Also just want to say that I understand covid has been super hard for everyone and there's no good decision here, but as someone who has been waiting for AGPA for 3 years I'm crushed that I'll never be eligible for full AGPA unless I do more school. Totally understand the reasoning behind dropping Winter 2020, not really understanding the reasoning behind changing AGPA eligibility. Their decision seems to just negatively affect students who were in school this year, as we don't get this term included (which for fourth year students is often their highest term even without grade inflation) and instead get it replaced by 15 credits from our worst year. Hello, I believe the changes you have made to admissions policies this year unfairly disadvantage students who were in school during the covid-19 pandemic. I understand that there might be concerns about grade inflation and therefore Winter 2020 grades may need to be excluded- I have no issues with this whatsoever. However, I believe the decision to only allow students to drop 15 credits of their worst year (instead of the full 30 credits) is unfair to students who were in school during the pandemic, as students who have already graduated will get to drop their entire worst year. Most students have a "bad year" whether it be due to adjusting to university or struggling through particularly tough courses, etc. Students who were not in school during the pandemic will get to drop all 30 credits of their worst year, while students who were in school during the pandemic will never be able to drop the full 30 credits, unless they take an extra year, which is not financially feasible for many students. I believe it would be more equitable to keep the decision to remove Winter 2020 grades from the GPA calculation, but to still count the Winter 2020 credits toward the 120 credits needed in order to drop the lowest 30 credits. This would allow students who took a full 4 years with 120 credits to drop their lowest 30 credits, just like other students who were not in school during the pandemic. In this case, gpa calculations would be done using 75 credits instead of 90. Thank you for your consideration.
  4. Yeah I did! Try typing it out instead of copy/pasting.
  5. Thanks for your help everyone! I emailed them and they said to send it to profes­sional@ouac.on.ca
  6. My university (UBC) is currently only issuing e-mailed transcripts. OMSAS states they won't accept e-mailed transcripts because they aren't secure. How am I supposed to send my transcript to OMSAS?
  7. My university (UBC) isn't currently issuing paper transcripts due to covid. Does anyone know if OMSAS accepts electronic transcripts sent directly from UBC to them?
  8. Spend some time browsing the subreddit r/mcat. There are TONS of resources on this site. Buy ALL the AAMC online prep material. It's pretty much essential to doing well on the exam. UWorld is probably the best non-AAMC prep material out there. It's extremely expensive, but well worth it if this is a possibility for you. Most people use the Kaplan prep books. I used Examkrackers and loved them because they were short and sweet (I have a science background so I didn't need super detailed explanations). JW (Jack W3stin) daily passages are a good free resource for CARS. Khan Academy also has a bunch of free CARS passages. There are also some pdfs of the Examkrackers 101 CARS passages and The Princeton Review CARS workbooks floating around the internet- these were a great resource as well! Prep courses are NOT worth it. Just make sure you discipline yourself- make and stick to a study schedule. Khan Academy videos are a great free resource and they have a partnership with the AAMC so you can trust their material to be relevant to the real MCAT.
  9. What do you mean "tolerate"? What's wrong with family med? Serious question, I'm a future applicant just lurking threads.
  10. Thanks everyone! I've sent admissions an email and I'll update this thread when they get back to me for anyone else in a similar position
  11. Thanks, I'll email them. I'm a UBC student so I get my grades as percentages, not letters. Do you think there is still a conversion involved?
  12. I am OOP. My UAA is 84.70. Any chance this would get rounded up or am I ineligible to apply?
  13. Hm interesting, I wonder if this will apply to med as well. Would be really unfortunate if this affected lowest year drops, as that's the only thing giving me a chance currently.
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