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  1. I know this question is asked by countless members on this forum, but I am currently in a rut. I am currently a U of Saskatchewan student (Canadian) and would like advice regarding premed as I am currently dealing with a low gpa for my first and second years of my degree. My gpa calculations are as followed (OMSAS) 1st and 2nd year: 3.00 gpa (73 and 72) (1 semester with 4 courses) 3rd year: 3.9 (86) First semester of 4th year: 3.7 (84.2) If I finish with a 86 overall in my fourth year, I calculate that I will still only have a 78 percent which is too low to be competitive in Canadian med schools. At this point, I don't know what would be the best thing to do as I am almost done my degree I hope to do the mcat during the summer of 2019 I have been doing volunteering at a student run clinic, but am searching for other opportunities to volunteer in. (any advice on what I ec's I should do would be appreciated!) Thank you guys in advance and do let me know if I need to clarify!
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