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  1. Hi. I'm in a class of 2014. Seems like class of 2015 has been decided somewhat. So I guess I can provide some insight. To answer your questions: 1. How many classes do you share with the med students? A: all the morning classes are with meds. Afternoon is just dents stuff. 2. What is there to do outside of classroom? A: Lots. I know our year somehow got into pingpong haha. Other than that, there's lots of social events to attend to (if you are up for it). Also, you get close with your classmates so you may end up travelling around with them. 3. How enjoyable is the overall experience? A: I hear lots of complains. I contributed some as well. Professional school is not easy. It's nothing like undergrad. You have to study to not get behind or exam comes, and there is no way to cram all the material. But at the end of the term, you get through it. 4. How much do you have to study each night to keep up? A: I think depends on your intellect and study methods. I need my time to regurgitate the notes. So I do spend each night studying, but I save my Sunday as day off. 5. Is it easy to fall behind? A: Kinda answered in #3. Again, the simple answer is YES. The materials to digest is a lot. I don't see a way of cramming all the materials right before exam. Any questions on UBC DMD, feel free to post here, I guess. I'll check often so I can answer them.
  2. Please understand why they are doing PBL. The reason for PBL during the interview is not to see if you are smart. That is already proven by your test scores and GPA. It is to see if you are professional, communicative, and show teamwork. Instead of showing off, listen and facilitate the discussion. Don't be afraid of saying something wrong. Good luck everyone! Hope you guys can make it!
  3. Hey. If you are a 3rd year and got accepted into dentistry, what happens to your BSc? Do you recieve it automatically when you get into dentistry program? or you just never get it? I got into dentistry this year and will not be able to complete my BSc before the enterance. Although I'm technically 4th year, I was doing my coop this year, so I was year behind. I was hoping they will give me BSc automatically
  4. If you want to get into Canadian school, look for some courses to boost up your GPA, first of all. Then, ace the DAT. There is not alot you can do except that. Since dentistry looks at your marks more than extracurricular.
  5. I GOT IN!!!!!!!! I'm definately accepting Good luck with everyone else!
  6. I have PC (the non-mac LoL) and I printed off just fine. You just need to "meddle" with it.
  7. Sorry about my comment, I didn't mean to disagree with you. I simply wanted to share my opinion as well. As still applicant, I would expect you to know more. I do agree that you seem to stay as neutral as possible. I'm bit surprised how you said some students would lie to prevent scarying the applicants. That is pretty said. I hoped they told me the truth, the ones I talked to.
  8. Just to provide different perspective. The students (3rd and 4th years) I've talked to during the Open House seems to enjoy themselves. They talked about how nice the faculty is and how, via PBL, their classes are more closely bonded. After talking to these guys, I now actually have reasons for wanting to go to UBC dentistry other than "I don't want to leave the province" (Which WAS the main reason I applied to UBC. Adversary got that right )
  9. In 2010, there are getting 3 more specialization in UBC according to stuff I heard during the Open House this year.
  10. Remeber there is 2 days of interview. Jan16 and 23 so that means 120ppl are being interviewd
  11. I am I need some kinda reference to calm my nerves
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