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  1. While this used to be the case, the past few years have seen a surge in family medicine applications in the Greater Montreal Area. This year especially, no FM spots were left anywhere near the big cities (Montreal, Sherbrooke and Quebec City) after the first round. Gatineau was the only "big" city that had FM spots in the 2nd iteration - everything else was rural FM. I cannot speak for Sherbrooke or Quebec City, but FM in Montreal has gotten competitive in the past years, and it's possible to no-match in fam med if you're applying only on-island, even for candidates with strong, clearly fam med candidatures.
  2. school interviewing at: University of Toronto specialty: OBGYN current interview date: Jan 25th, PM date would like to switch to: Jan 26th, either AM or PM any additional notes: I have another interview in Montreal on the 25th in the morning already :s
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