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  1. Can we post again what the wording is in the email that indicates H M and L waitlist position?
  2. I also noticed that the deadline to complete the 7 Guardian Games tributes and claim the Heir Apparent bounty was May 12, so I sort of made it my cathartic mission to claim that offer....
  3. Titan all the way bro. Gotta represent during the games.
  4. Doom Eternal, PUBG, Destiny 2, basically fully loving Stadia right now.
  5. C'mon y'all. Next week is our very last full week until we hear about the fate of our meds 2024 applications! Its been a wild ride and we have almost made it!
  6. Lol mine seemed to be mostly just going through the paces, didn’t even introduce themselves.
  7. Unless getting a panel interview is almost an offer (some will be screened out), so that the panel waitlist is like the regular offer waitlist. This is consistent with their quote: ”The Admissions Committee uses the objective evaluation of your MMI performance, as well as your File Review, to determine your ranking amongst other applicants. Prior to making an offer for Admission, the Admissions Committee reviews individual Panel Interview performance.” There are numerous accounts on other threads of Queen's students and others saying that the panel is used to catch red flags prior to admission, and this is consistent with almost (?) everything they have told us officially.
  8. I don't think there's any good reason to assume they won't split offers 50/50 between weekends. You also have to consider the significant bias towards positive reporting here re: panel invites to rejections/waitlists. Another line of reasoning I have is that if the panel was used for ranking then people would have to be waitlisted if they didn't get an offer after it, and then there would be two different waitlists (post-panel, and pre-panel) which would be a bit crazy; it makes sense for the system to be at simple as possible while still being effective. So to me it makes sense that panel invites are sent to those to whom they are willing to give offers to, with some extras thrown on top to account for the inevitable people who are screened out in exactly the same way that offers are made to more people than they can accept due to offer refusals and deferments. Everything is speculation, yes, but it seems that on the balance of the evidence we have and the logic of things, that the panel is largely a screening tool and the results of it aren't heavily factored into the ranking system (as described in the Queen's quote in my post above) but are used as a final way to ensure that in a normal human interaction environment, applicants can still shine. So, no, none of is set in stone and I would be lying if I said I was confident about anything, but if you be yourself as you were in the MMI I would say that there is strong evidence that a panel invite is closer to an offer than not. In all, I would recommend to everyone (including myself) to not fall down any rabbit holes of anxiety and speculation about things and do what you need to do to be sane, but at the same time, don't berate yourselves for thinking that a panel invite is a very good sign because all signs to point to it boding well. But don't quote me on that
  9. Ok so here is an excerpt from an email an applicant got during this cycle from Queens, as posted in a thread from March 26 or 27: ”The Admissions Committee uses the objective evaluation of your MMI performance, as well as your File Review, to determine your ranking amongst other applicants. Prior to making an offer for Admission, the Admissions Committee reviews individual Panel Interview performance.” I haven’t looked to see if that was in any email that I got, but this strongly looks like ranking is done by MMI and File Review. Applicants are then selected for offers, their panels are assessed, and an offer is or isn’t made. Therefore, panels are just for screening, and if you got an invite to panel it can almost be taken as an offer as long as you didn’t make up your ABS or put up red flags in a face to face interaction. That seems like the most logical conclusion based on what we know, no?
  10. Yeah I emailed about (insert time) almost right away. Will let y’all know when I hear if nobody beats me to it.
  11. In case anyone is wondering about timelines, admissions just replied to me that they don't know yet when the notifications of first phase panel interviews will be sent out (of course) but that they will let us all know as soon as they figure it out. Best of luck to everyone!
  12. Interested! Toronto, available Downtown, North York, and Skype.
  13. Hey everyone! I'm looking for MMI prep partners too, please let me know if you still have space! @Trunkate if your interview is at Western they include several MMI style questions in their panel interview (e.g. ethical scenarios) so MMI practise is absolutely valuable! Source: I interviewed there last cycle.
  14. Status: Invite off waitlist following regrets Time Stamp: 10/02/2020 - phone call @ 10:40 AM EST Location: IP Stream: English MCAT: 519 (128/129/130/132) cGPA/2yr GPA: 2-yr GPA ~3.9 Current year: Completed masters and second undergrad ECs: Lots of things over the years, y'all already know what you need to do. I think getting a publication for this cycle with another in the works and working in a clinical role at a high profile institution right now probably helped. Needless to say I'm very excited! I didn't expect to be called off the waitlist at all and didn't even know there was one. This is my first time posting to a thread like this but wanted to so that others can see that there is an interview waitlist and people are being called off of it.
  15. I saw my rejection last night on the student centre only to be confirmed by that very brief email this morning at 9am. I honestly wasn't expecting a flat-out rejection either, considering what I thought was a decently strong application and interview and the previous posts which said they just waitlist people high-normal-low.
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