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  1. For future applicants: Applied: All PT - UBC, UofT, McMaster, Queens, Western, Dal; [UK: Oxford Brookes, Queen Margaret, Manchester Met, Brunel, Brighton, Essex]Accepted: [UK: Oxford Brookes, Manchester Met, Brunel]Waitlisted: Dal; [UK: Essex]Rejected: UBC, UofT, McMaster, Queens, WesterncGPA: 3.64/4.33sGPA: 3.61/4 ORPAS; 3.75/4.3 Dal; 82.1% UBCPerceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Essays - I didn't write them at the last minute. I had some physio students, friends, and physios review them. Unfortunately, my sGPA was below the cut-off for Queens (3.73) which means that my personal statement probably didn't get looked at. I presume this was the case for other Canadian schools, except Dal, perhaps. Interviews - I had an interview at McMaster, Dalhousie and four UK schools. For these, my friends and I asked each other questions and criticized each other's answer in preparation. References - I have good and professional relationships with each of my references (two professors and one volunteer-supervisor). I didn't wait until the last minute to ask them to write me a letter. Extra-curricular - 100 hours as an assistant athletic trainer for a Sr. A Lacrosse team; 100 hours as a physiotherapy volunteer in a neuro setting; 34 hours as a practicum student in a cardio-respiratory setting (practicum hours may not have counted but I could still talk about this experience in my personal statement); 2 hours in a pediatric setting; 4 hours in an orthopedic setting. I was an executive member of a club at our university. I also participated in several community volunteering activities over the past few years. For applicants considering applying to the UK, apply early. Apply to as many reputable schools as possible. There are no application fees. I submitted my UK applications in Oct '18 for programs starting Sept '19. I received my first offer of admission in Nov '18. None of my UK offers of admission have expired yet. I chose not to apply to Australia because of the discouraging tuition rates. Congratulations to those who received an offer of admission this year. To those who didn't, you're not alone; persevere.I'm open to answering questions via direct message.
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