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  1. the application paradox

    Whats the point ?

    I know a.i wont replace doctors probably for another 30-60 years, but I think it'll just get harder and harder,more and more competitive to get into medschool and become a doctor. Not to mention,the decent chance that the world will probably start destroying itself with global warming and a population of 9 billion by 2030 which will only increase poverty and suffering as food and water decreases and a.i replaces jobs.Not to mention how america seems to be heading towards a civil war with such a growing divide between the people. Also not to forget the likelhood of another global recession with a economic slowdown where our economies are more interconnected now more than ever due to technology,so a global recession would be much worse than the 1930's. Lest I forget the tens of thousands of nuclear and hydrogen bombs in the world,which with half of them detonated together can destroy our atmosphere and life as we know it. Never before in history have so many catastrophic factors have come so close together. My concern is with a seemingly unstable future,what if all this hardwork and dedication doesn't pay off?What if we're replaced,or we become obsolete?
  2. the application paradox

    How do you feel about the supp app questions for mac bhsc 2019

    Its okay. I am not part of the bhsc admission staff trying to catch you cheating online(I cant guarantee that they wont find this post though).I just want to know why this is getting no answers.Does it simply not apply to most of you cuz you're not in the "best" year of highschool or something like that.
  3. I am kind of stuck on the first one,the second one I think i did ok, and the third one i have ideas, how about everyone else? Also, I personally think that this years questions are more difficult than previous years. I am not asking for you answers, or your approach to solving the questions, simply how you feel about them.