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  1. Same here. I wonder if there was a reason we didn't receive notice yesterday
  2. thanks for the reply and update, damn sorry to hear that, haven't gotten an email as well and super anxious so was curious if maybe student centre didn't change for anyone yet
  3. I asked a student in UWO dental and they said they send them out one at a time throughout the day, so hopefully a response will come soon !
  4. I'm sorry to hear that on your student centre does it still say applied or not offered admission? if you don't mind me asking!
  5. I received no email either, but on my student centre it doesn't say "not offered admission" so I'm not sure!
  6. Yes if you got a A+ (or 95) on a 0.5 credit class and A+ (or 95) on a 1.0 class you just count the 1.0 class twice. so you got essentially 3 A+'s (or 3 95%s)
  7. Maybe they would Skype interview anyways so the February interview for domestic applicants would remain the same, I’m not sure though!
  8. I know only 10% of applicants out of province will be accepted to UBC Dent, but in terms of getting an interview, are we competing against everyone in the applicant pool or simply all out of province applicants ? I noticed the stats for UBC Dent Students out of province average/DAT scores interviewed was significantly higher than in province applicants...
  9. Last year it went out Jan 15th, in 2017 it went out Jan 16th, 2016 Jan 18th, so probably sometime next week!
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