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  1. I have just received the email from Western OT and have been accepted off the waitlist (I was in the upper third)! I plan on moving to London in the fall so if anyone is looking for a roommate, feel free to PM me! I am a 23 year old male and an all male or co-ed house with people who are also in OT or another graduate program would be preferred.
  2. Does anyone know how many spots the Western OT waitlist usually moves? I'm in the upper-third of the waitlist!
  3. Waitlisted upper third for Western! Does anyone know how much it moves?
  4. Did everyone receive an email from Western on Friday (May 15th) saying to activate your Western identity prior to admission decisions on May 29th?
  5. Where do you find the GPA calculations on ORPAS? I can't find it anywhere. Do they email you when this information is available?
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