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  1. I accepted to Mac because it was my only interview! However, what are some things you guys do like about the 3 year program? I'm almost a bit sad I read this because I'm feeling really discouraged.
  2. Status: Accepted!!!!! (Hamilton Campus) Can't believe this is happening! I'll detail what helped me get here below! :)) cGPA: 3.93 Timestamp: 7:50 AM CARS: 127 Year: 3rd year UG Geography: IP CASPer: I really enjoyed this test! I'm mostly a philosophy/religion student, so I really enjoy ethics questions. I didn't really prepare for it, and I type pretty fast, so I think it went well. Not well enough to get an interview at Ottawa though! LOL Interview: I honestly have no idea!!! I know I absolutely aced 2 of the stations because I made the interviewers laugh, and it felt like a great conversation. The others, I think I did okay on. There was only one I think I didn't do so well on. I left the interviews feeling pretty okay, and then every day since then I've felt like I bombed it LOL. But I made it! My biggest recommendation for the MMI is to practice, practice practice! I practiced with my parents, my closest friends, my roommates, myself (especially in the shower), my coworker, and even my stuffed animals. I did not discriminate on who I practiced with, which helped a lot because some of my friends in pre-law and other arts programs provided even better insight sometimes than my premed friends. I also did 3 full mock MMIs with other students. That was incredibly helpful as well to help with pacing, timing, and answering questions on the fly. Another thing that helped me out with interviews was practicing under more pressure than I expected to face during the real thing. For the MMI you get 2 minutes to read the prompt and 8 minutes to discuss with your evaluator. During my prep, I spent 30 seconds to 1 minute reading the prompt and formulating my answer, and gave myself 5 minutes to explain it. This helped me think really quickly, so when I got to the real deal I was incredibly calm because I had more time than I practiced. This was really great, it helped me calm down. I also recommend making a 'pump up' playlist you listen to. Every night of the week before my interview, I would listen to the craziest gangsta rap. I'm a girl, so I listened to the raunchiest female rappers because that got me so hyped. I also listened to a lot of heavy metal and rock during this week. And right before they took our phones away on the date of the interview, I put my earphones in and listened to my favourite song. I was dancing in the bathroom stall. So before I got into the first station, I struck a power pose, rapped the Nicki Minaj verse from 'Monster' in my head, and walked in smiling. And I made sure to answer every question as honestly and interestingly as I could. I didn't always have a structure in my answers, but I always felt like I was being 100% myself. I'm wishing you all so much luck! This community has meant so much to me during this torturous process - just knowing that I wasn't alone. For those that accepted your offer, I can't wait to meet you in August!! And if you didn't get the results you hoped, I'm praying for you and wishing you the absolute best of luck. You can do this. You made it this far, you can make it! I am incredibly proud of every single one of you.
  3. It kind of feels weird knowing that in less than 24 hours, the trajectory of my life could be drastically different. On the other hand, I sincerely wish you all the best of luck!!! Regardless of the result, you took on this process. You committed to every step, and you made it this far — there are many that didn’t!
  4. The Cycle of Waiting 1. Hoping: “I have good stats, I think! I did okay in the interview...let me check the Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist thread again...” 2. Imagining: “If I get in, what will I do? Who do I tell first? What do I put on my Facebook? Omg I’d have to quit my job. Would I cry?.” 3. Someone asks you “What’s up?” or “How are you doing?” Or EVEN WORSE: “Any word yet?” This derails your confidence immediately. 4. Racing Heart: “crap crap crap what if I don’t get in? I’d have to tell everyone right? I’d have to start over...I’d have to retake the MCAT.” *lurks on PM101, r/MCAT and r/premed to torture self* 5. Wallowing: “I am not a competitive applicant. I shouldn’t have applied. I wonder what the career prospects are like for goat herding?” *aggressive googling* *cycles through memory of the interview for the trillionth time* *spends weirdly long time reading the medical school website when you’ve memorized it already* *a lot of sighing* 6. Try to Distract Yourself: Start reading books you’ve read already, start going on weird subreddit and YouTube spirals, start researching alpaca farming. “I wonder what Snooki is up to these days?” Wallow/Hoping cycle begins again. You wonder if you should’ve just gone into banking or teaching or public service like everyone else. More sighing. You go on YouTube again. 6. The cycle restarts.
  5. Praying for anyone else waiting for one school. I’m waiting just for Mac. It’s making the wait so painful, I gave up on studying for the MCAT a few days ago
  6. who else is dying? because i feel like i'm dying. everything hurts. i just want this to be over with...oh my god
  7. Rejection Time Stamp: 22/01/2019 - 11:00AM EST Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.93 OMSAS Scale Current year: 3rd year ug ECs: NSERC, leading some clubs, pretty diverse but nothing crazy Casper: it was good enough to get an invite at Mac with 127 CARS? *sigh*
  8. Interview emails just came out !! I just got one Edit: lol i meant i got an interview email, i didn't get an interview :'(
  9. Time Stamp: 1:10PM EST Invite/Reject: Invite !!!  GPA: 3.93 (OMSAS) CARS: 127 Casper: I was so nervous about this! But I’m a super fast typer and I answered everything. That must’ve helped with my CARS. Geography: IP, 3rd year UG Congrats guys!! I don’t expect this at all. For everyone who didn’t get one, I’m sending you lots of love and hope!
  10. pls don’t remind me, it took me days to recover from the trauma
  11. y’all ever been so on edge whenever someone asks you “what’s up” you just wanna scream? That’s me rn
  12. Bruh my BP been high since 9pm last night and that email made me shriek
  13. There's more: 2014 (Jan 24): CM Punk defeats Kane in a SmackDown 2015 (Jan 21): Italian fashion label Gucci names Alessandro Michele as its new creative director 2016 (Jan 13): Record powerball lottery held in America - $1.6 billion, (3 winning tickets) 2017 (Jan 18): NASA and NOAA announce that 2016 was the hottest year on record, surpassing previous record set in 2015 which itself topped that of 2014 2018 (Jan 10): Jeff Bezos becomes the 2nd man worth over $100 billion as his wealth hits $106 billion due to Amazon's share price I see a correlation: prosperity!!!
  14. I know it's hard but I think we should all just calm down and wait. It'll come out soon!! I believe in all of you, I'm sending you the absolute best of luck. Either this week or next week, we've all worked hard I think I'm going to turn off my email notifications and just check once ever few hours for my own mental health LOL
  15. I hope it's coming today because I've built so much into waiting *cries* Edit: I'm thinking it's probably coming next week. Also because Jan 9 is an earlier day than previous days
  16. that's what I was thinking!! haha it came out around the same time last year. I didn't get an email yet, so i decided to take my mind off it! being anxious won't change the outcome
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