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  1. Okay... that might be the EXACT one I struggled with. Super vague and personal and the lady didn't seem happy with my initial answer (because I could only get like 2min of ramble out of me...), which made me go into full on panic. Worst station. Solid 2/10.
  2. I have similar stats to the two above (4.0 wGPA) and research heavy ECs. Just got the R at 2:13PM.
  3. If they send out an application feedback survey like most schools, I'm probably going to express all these feelings about how awful their process is compared to other schools. I hope everyone does the same so they change for next year and give more frequent updates.
  4. They definitely do look at it. But maybe less than other schools. Grades and casper. However, I know smart people who didn't even get an interview. Stellar ECs. I got an interview and I think my ECs are the weakest part of my app. So yeah, worth a shot.
  5. It also heavily depends on how you do on Casper. It's worth a shot though with your GPA.
  6. I got an initial email from them notifying me that they have my application. If you got that, it should be fine.
  7. It's very similar to MMI, except you're stuck with the same people the whole time. You will also get more experience based questions ("tell me a time when..."). But overall, you have the same types of questions: ethical, personal, acting, teaching... nothing is off limits. The questions are normally more straight-forward because you don't have 2 minutes to think about it. It's also helpful to have many different people you know ask you questions for 45 minutes staight. It feels fast sometimes, and other times it feels like an eternity. It's good to learn how long you're speaking because in MMI you're cut off, but in panel you could essentially go on forever (not actually, but yeah).
  8. No one can really tell you, unfortunately. If you did get flagged, why didn't other schools flag you? Could it be verifiers? Essays weren't proofread enough? We could brainstorm this, but it may be best to just call and ask if the rejections sent out were because you did something horribly wrong on your application. But because it's UofT, it was probably ECs/essays/year. I have a friend in third year who got an interview last year, but she was right on the last interview date, which she believes was the "waitlist" date. She has a 3.96GPA (wGPA of 4), as well as extensive research. Who knows.
  9. You would risk sounding robotic or rehearsed. It's better to paraphrase, that way you also show that you understand the principles, rather than just say the names. ex. "You have to balance not harming the patient and respecting their medical wishes."
  10. Your MCAT is fine. I wouldn't cause yourself pain and redo it. There's even a chance the CARS will drop.
  11. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 9:00AM GPA: ~3.97 MCAT: All above 127. 517. ECs: Probably too weak. I have 3 years research, an international exchange, a wide variety of clubs and exec positions. No hospital volunteering, however. IP It's okay, Queen's was my last choice and I know they want stellar ECs and mine are fairly standard.
  12. bins

    Non-health care related jobs for EC

    I put my retail job. I learned a lot about patience from shitty costumers...
  13. Sadly... probably in March. Like last year.
  14. "Interview dates are assigned at random as file reviews are completed and do not reflect any ranking in our admissions process." Did not know they disclosed this, whew.