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  1. Hmm, not sure. :'( I have no idea how big each bin is!
  2. As someone who got off the waitlist last year, I do think timestamps matter for order. I had a very early timestamp and got an offer in the first wave. I also think that the bin theory is correct. They rank you based on interview performance and then GPA within these bins. You can see that based on the timestamp order going in GPA descending order and then when someone has 4.00 that marks the start of a new bin. At least last year they definitely did. But I don't think it's worth worrying about, because you still don't know how many people are ahead of you and how much time was between emails. The waitlist moves a lot, so don't consider it over for yourself yet if you got a "good" waitlist email. Not sure if this helps or just makes people more nervous. At least when I was on the list, I was comforted by my earlier timestamp.
  3. Panel. If you got an invite, there should be an information package sent out with it/soon.
  4. I'd be a bit more concerned about your ability to provide care than OP, tbh.
  5. There is no limit on your undergrad. A few people in my class have fine arts undergrad degrees. Just matters that you take the prereqs.
  6. Some great advice has already been posted, but I also want to offer you encouragement as you enter into treatment and management. If controlled, I wouldn't doubt your potential. Seeing a psychologist is a great way to get to know yourself and your needs, and if through that you decide you need to lower your stress, then by all means do that. But fulfillment is important, and burnout is real... if you aren't doing what you truly desire, consider the effect it will have on your mental health. I hope you find a great psychologist who can help you through this decision, better than people on the internet! And again, it's going to be okay. I was recently diagnosed with MDD and PTSD at the start of my first year (this past September). It's been rough, but we'll both get through it. I'm still aiming high, because I'm confident I'm going to get better and I KNOW going into Family Medicine (which I personally would find very unfulfilling), would make my depression worse.
  7. I think there's pros and cons to both. I'll brainstorm with you. Staying in one lab: + Show commitment + Great reference letter and connection with a professor + Increased chance to publish (I bounced between 3 labs in my UG, never published) + No need to be retrained constantly (there's always a slight bounce backwards in experience when you move lab to lab, for various reasons) - Less experience on research techniques and different areas of research (that's mainly for your own personal growth, ex. clinical, animal, wet, dry...) - Limited network and only one reference (but, hey, maybe that's OK if you know you'll have a reference elsewhere) I would suggest maybe asking you professor if you can do an exchange in another lab for a summer. I did this and went to Germany. It's a great experience and you'll get another connection internationally and will expand your knowledge on different cultures (woo cultural sensitivity!). Even if you want to stay in the same country, it's still a reasonable way to leave your current lab and come back.
  8. I want to repeat that it depends on you and what time you need to feel comfortable. I didn't practice except for practice answering questions in that format and typing under the time pressure. However, I had a pretty solid background in ethics, imo. My friend practiced for 2 weeks before she felt comfortable. Just remember, above all else, don't be a dick.
  9. I didn't, but I went to uO (for my undergrad) and the counsellors there had some stats on past admissions.
  10. From what I understand, the GPA cut-off for Ottawa is very strict. They've told us before that even though the cut-of is 3.85, the lowest GPA accepted is typically 3.90+ (it was 3.92 in 2015). This is because people get sent invites off the waitlist in brackets (based on interview score), in order based on GPA. Your best bet is still to ask admissions. They are very friendly if you send them an email.
  11. The language of instruction is only in French. Even the patients used in first year is a French "simulated patient" clinic and are all French. Exams are bilingual in both the English and French stream, and is a policy of the University of Ottawa. I don't know the answer to your second question. Best to email admissions.
  12. Seems to be something going on with the threads here... comments are not where they are supposed to be. I remember seeing the above reply from @Curiousaboutapps1 on the dissection thread. anyways Yes, Ottawa does shawarma superbly well.
  13. I have the same decision to make as you and I will be choosing Ottawa. I didn't get into the Hamilton campus, which is a factor. I'm from Ottawa and work at the medicine campus, so if you have any questions about what I love about the city, please feel free to PM me. I also want a competitive residency (surg gunner), which makes me favour a 4 year program versus a 3 year program. I got a better overall vibe from Mac, and the way the students talked about the program (not a lot of evaluations, pretty much all CBL) really made me want to pick Mac because I feel like CBL is my preferred way to learn. But Ottawa does CBL as well (just once a week?) and has half-days which is sweeet. I also really like having my summers to travel, and you don't get that at Mac. What I've heard is that Mac is great if you know what you want and you're very self-driven and disciplined. City-wise, Ottawa wins by far on being a big city with tertiary care centres (The Royal, CHEO, etc). But Mac is close to Toronto, which didn't really matter a lot to me (it's, uh, close to my tattoo artist, and that's about it), but I can see why it would be for you.
  14. also why y'all assuming OP is ugly
  15. We got an email to call her, and we did and then she confirmed we were still interested. I can't imagine there being more than 50 offers being sent out or she would have been bombarded.
  16. Most guys have it hard on dating apps, but that doesn't mean they should be looking at girls and going "She's prettier than me, she will never like me. Swipe left." It doesn't mean you should only swipe right on people you perceive to look worse that you. This is the mentality that I disagree with, I'm not saying it's easy if you're not conventionally attractive, but you'll make it a lot harder for yourself if you assume what people want and don't take a chance because of that. You're telling someone to settle because of a rule that is arbitrary and vague, and barely exists. EDIT: To add to that, I dated someone who told me they thought I was completely out of their league, and that never even crossed my mind. Imagine if he had had your mentality.
  17. I'm going to completely disagree with you, as well. What defines "attractive" to a single person? You may think a girl is more attractive than you, she may disagree. If you think that every girl is looking at guys and going "Wow, he's under my league. I'm a 8/10 and he's only a 4/10", you're making a lot of assumptions. Most reasonable people don't think that way. There is no rule when it comes to what we find attractive, and these "exceptions" are simply people that exist with different tastes, but they do exist. Dating becomes a lot easier when you're not worried about leagues. Sure, a super model isn't going to date a slob, but that's not because she perceives him to be worse than her. Simply cleaning up your look and taking care of yourself can make you more confident and more attractive to most people, but you shouldn't rank others against yourself.
  18. Finally was able to get through! Result: Accepted off the Waitlist (original timestamp: 7:18:3X) Stream: English wGPA: 3.96 (cGPA is lower) CASPer: I got an interview at Mac as well, so I'm comfortable saying it went good. I type pretty fast. ECs: Average, I believe. Research heavy. Interview: I really stumbled at first (I blanked on the first two questions completely due to nerves), but thought I was very comfortable by the end. Made the interviewers laugh a few times, and they were very friendly. Year: just finished UG Geography: IP (Ottawa born and raised baby!) I'm shaking and losing it! Best of luck to you all, I believe in you.
  19. What's the secret to getting her to pick up? Did you leave a message?
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