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  1. RPN-RN-MD

    2019 Interview Waitlist Thread

    As far as I know for MD applications it is mainly US or other international schools that give offers of admission before the Mac interview date, but there might be a few Canadian MD/PhD programs that are earlier as well. Also keep in mind that people might decline an interview if it falls on the same day as another interview and they are unable to reschedule them. And never discount the possibility that people applied to Mac on a whim or as an extra backup, but since they got other interviews they might just drop this interview (remember that every year there are hundreds of applicants who do not even take the Casper test). Good luck
  2. RPN-RN-MD

    2019 Interview Waitlist Thread

    I got an email, I posted on the "Interview Invites/Regrets 2019" thread.
  3. Today was the big day, and I was waitlisted. I know I'm not alone in this boat, and we are all probably wondering if there is any hope for us at all. I don't know all the answers, but I figured that it's better to die of anxiety together than to die of anxiety alone. Feel free to discuss any and all things related to the Mac 2019 interview waitlist. I'll start by linking a few previous year's waitlist threads: http://forums.premed101.com/topic/93767-number-of-students-on-interview-waitlist/ http://forums.premed101.com/topic/98384-interview-waitlist/ http://forums.premed101.com/topic/57878-waitlist-for-interview/ and by summarizing a bit of the info I gleamed from there: 1. The Mac interview waitlist seems to be about 20-30 people (which apparently had been posted previously but the link was removed). 2. The waitlist DOES move, some other schools/programs give out offers before the Mac interview date, and also sometimes people just can't make it. (Some people went as far as to say waitlisters have as high as a 50% chance of getting an interview) 3. We won't likely hear back until after the deadline to accept the interview offer (which I'm not sure about this year, but is likely early Feb), but we also might hear back as late as the day before the interviews, so keep your phone's on! Good luck all. A fellow waitlister.
  4. Time Stamp: 1316 Invite/Reject: Waitlisted GPA: 3.99 CARS: 128 Casper: Felt kind of bad, (I previously wrote CASPer successfully for another program which felt better than this time) Geography: IP Anybody know how often the waitlist is actually called?
  5. Just pretend that they will send it out next Wednesday (which is probably most likely) and have a good night's sleep. We've stressed enough today.
  6. Flashbacks to when I was refreshing my OMSAS account a million times after the crash.
  7. 2014 was 4th Friday 2015 was 3rd Wednesday 2016 was 2nd Wednesday 2017 was 3rd Wednesday 2018 was 2nd Wednesday
  8. Last year the timestamps started around 2:20pm, so don't freak out just yet if you haven't gotten the email. (edit: also yes, we don't even know for sure if it will be today, it might be next week).