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  1. pretty sure i read it on carms but i may have been reading about doing a second residency not transferring. My mistake
  2. I think you can only transfer after completing 2 years of residency, so you might have to finish FM and then apply for second round IM/ Neuro afterwards.
  3. i dont think you can switch once you've been matched, at least for the first 2 years. I think you'll have to finish family medicine and then either do some extra peds training or just re-start residency. I also just matched to family medicine (but have wanted it my whole life), dont worry im sure it'll grow on you! It's amazing .... and involves a ton of pediatrics
  4. I heard back on december 21st with an invitation to interview for northern remote, Winnipeg and rural parkland (which are all of the IMG programs in Mannitoba as far as im aware), i dont think they inform you if you did not get an interview
  5. Not sure when to stop checking my email for more interviews, is it safe to assume that they've all been given out by now? I have a couple but was really hoping to hear back from sask and didnt :/ (family med) I have heard that sask interviews come out quite late (a current resident told me she heard back in January last year) but not sure how late/ if they are all out good luck everyone!
  6. Hi guys, Any IMGs heard back from saskatchewan for Family med interviews? I've heard back from Ontario and Manitoba, but nothing from Sask? thanks
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