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  1. Result: Acceptance!! Stream: English (but I do speak French... so the bilingualism may have contributed to my acceptance as well?) Time-stamp: 7:05 am wGPA: 3.95 CASPer: Felt quite good about it. I answered the questions (1.5 min/question and used the remaining 30 seconds for whichever question I felt needed more) and tried to discuss both sides (if there were only 2) or to explore the multiple stakeholders' POV. Then always came to a decision. Tried to include little details about the tone of voice I would use or location I would be in to make the answer more personal! ECs: A bit of research (no publications), volunteering with different clubs at my school (music clubs, student council), full scholarship for undergrad, president of large charity at school. I kept doing things I love which made it easy to talk about them during CASPer and interviews. Interview: It felt great! I connected with my panel really well. We laughed, we discussed, and they seemed very engaged with my answers. I think a few of my answers surprised them based on their facial expressions, but it must have been a pleasant surprise or a tactic to see how I would react. Second guessed myself immensely, so do NOT use your post-interview memory as an accurate recollection of how the interview went. Be confident, always try to be analytical, and show them you are a kind person who they would want and their doctor. Year: 3rd year UG Geography: IP
  2. Time Stamp: 1:05 PM Invite/Reject: Invite! GPA: 3.95 CARS: 127 Casper: Felt really good about it and prepped by multiple people who got into Mac last year! Geography: IP
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