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  1. Hey everyone, Just like my title states, has anyone had experience with/heard anything about various MMI prep companies? (BeMo, Astroff, MedConsultants) Thanks!
  2. For anyone interested, Mcmaster requires no Bachelor’s degree of any sort
  3. @dehindu thanks, i just wasn't sure if they still needed a 3rd year degree of some sort at the least or if no degree was acceptable. i'll double check with the school
  4. Hi there, Does anyone know if Ontario med schools require a Bachelor degree as part of their conditional acceptance? If one does not graduate by the time they get an acceptance to med school (i.e. getting in 3rd year) will med schools accept this? Thanks
  5. chrisxcal

    London MMI Prep

    Hey, I would be interested!! PM'd
  6. Hi everyone, As the title says, I'm wondering if there are any med students who have gone through the MMI process and are willing to share any insights/tips on the MMI process. I would very much appreciate it, Thanks!
  7. chrisxcal

    Skype MMI Prep

    I'd be interested
  8. Hey there, Is anyone interested in starting a small group at Western to practice for MMI? Or even just a partner to help each other prep for the interview? Please PM if you are interested or know of any small groups, as I would greatly appreciate the help! Thanks