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  1. Not necessarily. Queen's would still have a record of who's accepted through SOLUS.
  2. Was anyone accepted but did NOT get that email?
  3. May be declining in favour of dentistry. Don’t loose hope!
  4. waitlisted too! does anyone know how many people are on the waitlist?
  5. Can I ask what stage of your dental education you’re in?
  6. There might be a wait list for interview offers
  7. Invite IP UWO Average: have not calculated tbh, 3.9+ 2-year GPA (sorry, have not calculated this either!) DAT AA/RC/PAT: 22/23/20 ABS/PS: I guess they were good! Varied, lots of shadowing. Will most likely decline to interview in favour of UofT!
  8. It might be quicker/faster to call admissions! I had something similar (not a voluntary withdrawal so unfortunately I'm not sure about your situation) but they answered it in like 2 seconds over the phone.
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