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  1. Congratuations to everyone who received an interview at Waterloo Pharmacy! I wonder if anyone wants to practice interview over Skype (or in person if you are in London)? Inbox me if you are interested!
  2. doodobro

    DMD mcgill

    Sorry I didn't ask why. But I don't think 30 is a long list. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought it's common for schools to have enough people on the waitlist to replace the entire class.
  3. doodobro

    DMD mcgill

    No sorry I didn't ask
  4. doodobro

    DMD mcgill

    I called the admissions office, this year there are 30 people on the IP waitlist.
  5. doodobro

    UWO Interview Prep

    tbh I won't worry about where to go before getting accepted. The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment lol
  6. See you tomorrow! Good luck on your interview
  7. doodobro

    UWO Interview Prep

    I would like to prepare for UWO interview too. If you want we can practice together through Skype! Or in person if you are also in London.
  8. doodobro

    UofA 2023 DDS MMI Interviews

    Yeah that is likely the case... Hopefully I will hear back from them soon!
  9. doodobro

    UofA 2023 DDS MMI Interviews

    I am OP and I haven't been contacted about interview decision. Does that mean I am refused? Or does UofA have a waitlist for interview?
  10. doodobro

    Looking for MMI Practice Partner at Western/London

    I'm also at Western. Interested in MMI prep! Please message me with details
  11. doodobro

    Skype Interview Practice

    Interested! Where are you located?
  12. doodobro

    London MMI Prep

    I am applying to dentistry but I would love to join this MMI prep group!