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  1. Thanks for the update! Do you happen to know how many people are on the waitlist?
  2. Yes I called and they confirmed that there are 45 people wait listed this year.
  3. Hey, could you please share when are these deadlines approximately? Thank you!
  4. Does anyone know if UofT is stilling doing the personality test?
  5. Invite GPA: 3.77 (best 3 years) + master's DAT: 22 AA, 22 PAT I'm in Kitchener, please let me know if anyone would like to practice interview
  6. Hi, I am looking for people to practice MMI and/or panel interviews with in downtown Kitchener/Waterloo region. Preferably in person but we could also set up Skype sessions. Please comment or message me if you are interested!
  7. Sorry I decided not to apply to UBC and didn't end up asking...
  8. Thanks for sharing your insight! Now it makes more sense why they specifically want instructors instead of research supervisors. I did take courses during my master's. I will email the admissions and see if they are okay with a graduate-level instructor!
  9. Maybe if you start looking for a shadowing opportunity now, you still have 2 months to get to know the dentist and ask for a reference?
  10. Unfortunately, meeting in person is not an option for me, as I now live in a different province and it'd be a 10h drive
  11. Hi everyone, as you may notice, UBC added reference letters to their DMD application this year, and at least one letter should be from a science professor in an upper level science course (300 level or higher). This requirement is giving me a hard time because I finished undergrad two years ago. Few months after I graduated, I tried reaching out to the one and only undergrad professor who knew me well enough to be a referee, asking for a reference for my Master's research grant, he didn't reply I doubt if he will say yes to my new request, especially since I haven't talked to him in two years... As I now have a Master's degree, my thesis supervisor could be another option for my academic reference, and I know he would happily write me a strong reference. However, UBC seems to strongly prefer a reference from undergraduate level. The first time I asked them if my Master's supervisor is okay, they said: "We require an Upper Level Academic Reference. If the supervisor is upper level, then yes this will be fine." But then as I emailed back asking for clarification what upper level means, they replied:"Upper-level would be as you mentioned – a faculty member who teaches or assists in undergraduate upper-level courses. It would be preferable to receive an upper-level referee. I am unable to advise any further who you should select." Could someone please help me interpret what they meant? Are they saying NO to a graduate-level reference? Is there someone else who has been out of undergrad for a while? Do you try contacting your undergrad professors or do you go with a graduate-level referee?
  12. I will be taking this November's Canadian DAT and I plan to use DAT Crusher! If anyone is interested in sharing their membership, I am willing to split the cost. Please PM me, thanks!
  13. Did they say how many people are still on the OOP waitlist?
  14. I apologize for sidetracking a little bit, but I'm just curious how you guys know about your ranking? Did you call/email the admissions and ask for it? Will they share this information if I am still on the waitlist?
  15. Thanks for sharing the information! Basically it is okay to defend later than June 30, but you need your department and supervisor to sign the form and indicate they are okay with a later defense?
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