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  1. I made it off last Thursday via email. Last I heard it's moved 3 spots so far!
  2. Rejected...but literally just got off the wait list at UofT Dent so it's all good GPA: 89.5% AA/PAT/RC: 22/17/23 ECs: Research/conferences, shadowing, community service roles, tutoring, work, etc. Interview: Felt good walking out but my panel was fairly neutral the whole time, which made me overanalyze things in the days to follow IP
  3. Invite! IP GPA: 89-90% DAT: 22/23/17 ABS/PS: Shadowing, research/conferences, various community service roles, tutoring, work
  4. im not sure, but the highest wait list number ive heard of personally is #42 (from last year's cycle)!
  5. Result: Wait list GPA with worst year dropped: 3.90 DAT: 22 AA/17 PAT Interview: Was iffy on one station but it felt pretty decent overall, a lot of smiling and quite conversational
  6. If anyone is located in the downtown Toronto area and wants to meet up for MMI practice, feel free to leave a post here or DM me!
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