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  1. When do you guys think the next round of offers will go out? Is there a chance for today?
  2. So I never got that email on Wednesday regarding being too low on the waitlist but I have not gotten an offer yet either. I wonder what my chances are. Such a stressful time :/
  3. If references are contacted, does that mean that individual has met the cutoff score for admission? I believe I recall this being said at the post-MMI meeting but I just wanted to confirm. For example, if an OOP's references were contacted, does that mean they were ranked in the top 5 (as they currently only have 5 OOP spots open)?
  4. So I do see my MCAT score under the "MCAT - Verified" section, however at the bottom of the page, where it says Full File Review, I see a standardized MCAT score in percentiles based on the distribution of CARS scores of applicants this year.
  5. Does anyone see a standardized MCAT score at the bottom of their "application status" page?
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