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  1. The email I got was slightly different - it was a reminder that our transcript submission had to be post-convocation
  2. Just wanted to make a thread in case someone has heard back from UofT since the email reminder for the St. George webinar. Please keep us (and me) updated hah I have yet to hear anything, and I'm paranoid that I might be missing communications.
  3. Loll I still am - it's now June 1 and still waiting ...
  4. Did any of the other accepted applicants get any emails?
  5. I am waiting until they give us more information on how theyre delivering the curriculum before making a choice.
  6. Scotiabank seems like a good option! Just wondering - does this chequing account have a minimum balance needed to waive monthly fees? Does the account even have a monthly fee?
  7. Guys...for those who were accepted to St. George - when do we rank our academies?
  8. Maybe edit your post to indicate button/no button haha
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