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  1. I just found out that interview invites were sent a few minutes ago..? Anyone else get these emails? Copying the format just in case: TIME STAMP: Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): Result: cGPA/wGPA: MCAT: ECs: Essays: Year: Geography:
  2. Does anyone have any insight what to expect as an OOP applicant at the MMI? What are the key BC health issues that I need to be absolutely aware of? Some schools theme their MMIs to reflect their school's mission. Does UBC also do something like this? Thanks!
  3. Tfw OAS slowed down for a literal second when you refreshed and you immediately think that emails must've come out
  4. Yeah, to which they said that they were going to send out an another acknowledgement email to all applicants by the end of today :/
  5. Still havent gotten it - anyone in the same boat?
  6. I mean the first week of October is over...
  7. Oh damn - I was hoping they were haha, just to get some indication on how I did on Casper lol
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